Competitive Market keeping every single calculations and getting them as and when require is very important to ensure your manufacturing business has pace, further more simplifying your business process to ensure quick tracing another important area, moreover vendor management, production control, raw materials management and so on makes your manufacturing business to stay ahead from your competitors.

Manufacturing business is complicated compare to Trading, Services or any other sector, to success in any manufacturing business the base it to achieve the best. Best refers to pace, quality reliability, smooth processes, happy customer and so on. However to become best you need a good manufacturing ERP software in place to ensure every processes of your manufacturing business is smooth and fine..


Odoo an Open source ERP solution helps you to implement and customize manufacturing ERP  software for your business, Odoo consist of Basic and advanced manufacturing modules that can be further customizable as per your process requirements. Odoo Manufacturing ERP is a complete integrated tool that manages your every department including sales, Purchase, manufacturing, warehouse, inventory, and so on . .

Business Process Tracking

Any manufacturer requires a powerful center. Odoo module consist of all the element that a manufacturing business require to track some of them are Accounts payable, Accounts receivable General Ledger, Human resource, Purchase management, sales, shipping, Production, quality management, suppliers / vendor/ customer management, Assets management and so on . .

Maintain Product quality

Today international competition has affected the supply chain system in many ways. Due to different quality standards from international countries has forced regulating agencies to have high quality safety standards locally. Today every competitor in manufacturing industry competes in proving product quality.

Growth & Strategy management

In any manufacturing industry knowledge plays an important aspect and getting the knowledge about your manufacturing processes at a right time is very important to make quick decision. Information available at a right time can helps organization to increase their client base significantly and thereby beats competition easily.

Improve business performance

Automation of your Manufacturing Operations from Shop Floor to bottom line offers you with greater visibility of all aspects of your operations from Order entry to Production warehouse management till final delivery. Odoo Manufacturing Module helps you to streamline you with Streamline your operations by automating manufacturing processes and gain greater visibility into all aspects of your operations from order entry to production warehouse management and delivery.

Quick Response

With Odoo Manufacturing you can increase the accuracy of the order date promised and can quickly respond to the customer queries about the status of the orders and deliveries. Further you can also make last minute changes to your manufacturing processes with multiple planning options and action messages.

Boost Operational efficiency

With manufacturing in Odoo you can boost operational efficiency and effectively manage production including production orders, bills of material supply planning and capacity requirements planning, flexible processes and integrated information helps you to take advantage of new business opportunities.


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