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Reasons for Odoo Customization?

11/29/2017 08:04:32 In Our Blog - Odoo Express
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Every organization out there is special and thus works in its unique way that can even be different than the peers/competitors in same industry. This is where Odoo wins, you can have endless customization in Odoo to strengthen or remove a certain part of the application.


Odoo Implementation Service

10/23/2017 06:10:33 In Our Blog - Odoo Express
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Odoo(formerly known as OpenERP) is known for the advantages it offer for the business. A centralized approach that monitors almost all the aspect of the business really transforms on how the processes are run and maintained. Odoo is the ERP of the future and if any business using Odoo is moving in the right direction. And, if you are looking forward to have an Odoo implementation, you have landed on the right place.


Odoo for companies in Australia

10/20/2017 05:55:08 In Our Blog - Odoo Express
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Odoo is a leading-edge enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) system based on open source technologies with a worldwide presence.


Odooexpress is a best among all odoo companies

10/16/2017 08:49:47 In Our Blog - Odoo Express
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Odoo(OpenERP) is created to help companies increase their performances and is focused on Open Source Business Model. Odoo(OpenERP) is a comprehensive suite of business software growing for all types of different regions. Odoo(OpenERP) is recognized to be complete and modular allowing for customers to begin with one module and add some other module later on. At Odooexpress our team of odoo programmer has taken odoo development to a next level and making us stand apart from other odoo companies.


Odoo The Best ERP For Small Business

10/11/2017 05:42:44 In Our Blog - Odoo Express
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We are living in a competitive world where there is only the survival of the fittest. For small business, they need to survive competition from businesses of similar scale or from the next segment Medium sized businesses. ERP for small business is really important as a good ERP system helps to manage all the important departments of your business like Sales, Purchases, Warehouse/Inventory, CRM, HRM, Accounting, Customer portal, Issues Tracking etc.


Odoo ERP: An Open Source Store of Apps To Grow Your Business

10/10/2017 05:29:20 In Our Blog - Odoo Express
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Odoo is an all-in-one open source business management software and is a perfect fit for both small and large companies alike. It is a business suite containing a number of applications, each tailored for specific department like sale, project management, inventory and warehouse management,