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Odoo ERP implementation

08/18/2017 05:28:48 In Our Blog - Odoo Express
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As we know Business is a complex process and the only way it can be tamed is to proper ERP implementation. Nowadays open source ERP implementations are on all-time high. There is a reason for it open source has benefits are more than using some proprietary based ERP solutions.


Hire Odoo Company

08/17/2017 06:06:43 In Our Blog - Odoo Express
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Odoo is a unique ERP system provider because it is open-source, meaning its source code is accessible to, and may be improved upon by, the online developer community. Odoo is highly customizable, as it can be tailored to fit the exact needs of every company. In addition to modifiable database configurations, it also uses a modular system, where it starts with the most basic features and allows companies to add features through modules. These can be chosen from one of the many modules already available, or they can be developed by a skilled Odoo expert.


Odoo Support Pack

08/16/2017 07:29:46 In Our Blog - Odoo Express
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Odoo Gold partner

08/14/2017 09:35:54 In Our Blog - Odoo Express
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Odoo was, and still is, the only serious open source ERP package that really integrates all aspects of business. Over two million people use Odoo to boost their sales, run their operations, organize marketing activities, increase productivity and empower their human resources


Best part of Odoo

08/12/2017 05:13:01 In Our Blog - Odoo Express
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Odoo is a complete package of business applications like sales, CRM, project management, warehouse management, manufacturing, financial management, and human resources. It has thousands of modules to use for easy business processing. This platform is most favorable for small to mid-sized companies.


Odoo for SME of any industry

08/11/2017 07:50:06 In Our Blog - Odoo Express
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Often SME’s will find they have a software need but are unable to implement one given the high level of overhead and complexity of the task. For growing companies, it is much more optimal to start small in a software solution and add new features little by little as the business expands and evolves. Odoo has a modular approach and being so flexible it works best for SME’s. Business has a freedom to adapt to change quickly. Planning for long term success with an easily adaptable software solution can be the key decision in the long-term development and growth of your business