Digital Signature

Digital Signature is a process that guarantees that the contents of a message have not been altered in transit. When you, the server, digitally sign a document, you add a one-way hash (encryption) of the message content using your public and private key pair. Your client can still read it, but the process creates a "signature" that only the server's public key can decrypt. The client, using the server's public key, can then validate the sender as well as the integrity of message contents. if the transmission arrives but the digital signature does not match the public key in the digital certificate, then the client knows that the message has been altered. Sometimes you need proof that the document came from you and no one has tampered with it since you sent it. Digital Signature with your SSL Certificate fills the bill.

On the other hand, sometimes you need to prove that a document came from someone else and has not been altered along the way. In legal matters, for example, you may need to prove that a contract has not been altered since someone sent it as an email. Because the computer tenaciously pairs the Digital Signature to one saved version of the document, it is nearly impossible to repudiate a digitally signed document.

Electronic signature schemes have become big business. In fact, the e-signing sector is on track to grow north of $5 billion by the end of the decade, according to DocuSign CMO Dustin Grosse. E-signing tools represent a high-tech and much-needed response to the vast inefficiencies of dealing with physical signatures.

While systems vary from provider to provider, the general idea behind them is the same. You upload a document—Word, PDF, or even an image file—to an online service, then tag it with special annotations where signatures eventually need to go. The service sends this marked-up file to your specified recipients, who then "sign" it with a few clicks, either with stock cursive fonts or with a scrawl they draw using their mouse (or a finger, using a tablet) on the fly. When finished, the signed file is sent back to you, mission accomplished. Users are signing e-contracts in droves. EchoSign says it is now processing 1.5 million documents a month, and that number is going up.

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