Odoo ERP Customization: An Introduction

Need for ERP software in Advertising Agencies

In this era of technological advancement, most organizations want to customize their software to fulfill their specific business requirements. First, you need to understand what is customization? Customization is the process of tailoring the chosen ERP system as per the specific needs of the organization. Important to realize, so many organizations are still struggling with the idea of customization because they find it complex and expensive. As a result, they go with the ERP implementation without any customization, go live with out-of-the-box settings. One of the benefits of out-of-the-box is, it significantly reduces implementation cost, but does not ensure you with the fulfillment of all the requirements of your organization. To put it another way, customization modifies software’s feature that truly meets specific requirements.

OdooExpress’s Odoo developers are fully capable of customizing all the Odoo modules or apps. Another key point, customization truly helps you to obtain improved agility as well as strategic alignment. Every business has its specific needs and to fulfill them ERP implementation is not enough. With this in mind, they need Odoo customization and it truly fulfills their requirements. Here, at OdooExpress we proceed with the implementation process with the requirement analysis. It helps our team to know how much customizations will be required for the management of the complete flow. Get budget-friendly ERP customization with the official Odoo customization partners.

Need Of ERP Customization

Odoo ERP for Advertising and Digital Marketing Agencies

It is a well-known fact that every company wants to get the most out of its investments. Similarly with the ERP investments, with this in mind, companies resort to some degree of customization. One of the most important long-term goals of an organization to improve ROI, businesses are more concerned about it, this concern and new tools are truly helping end-users to manage ERP customization. Also, it allows for changing the ERP development equation. Being Odoo customization partners we understand every need of your business and customize your system according to that.

Need Of Odoo ERP customization

To make changes in User Interface (UI): Customization is required when an organization wants to provide a better and more personalized user interface based on the end-user preferences. It is only possible with the adaptation of the design of screens and dialogues.

To modify reports, documents, and forms as per your need

You can modify order confirmations, delivery notes, invoices, and other documents. Important to realize, customization enables you to work in a very efficient way.

To make changes in the sequence of workflows

As you know, customization allows you to modify the existing system if the client has any specific requirements. It allows users to modify or change the steps in business processes and redefine the sequence as per the need.

To integrate with other applications

We know Odoo is an all-in-one software solution but sometimes according to the customer’s requirement, integration with other apps becomes necessary. Customization also helps in third party integration.

For functionality extensions

It is not possible to have all functionality in a single system, even in a comprehensive ERP solution. To extend some functionality which may require in some business scenario, customization helps you to obtain those functionalities easily.

To modify existing functionality

It is not necessary that once functionality is developed and businesses use that functionality forever. With this in mind, that business may undergo some changes then customization comes in the place to modify existing functionalities.

Customization Vs Configuration

One of the most basic differences between customization and configuration is, customization requires custom coding for feature extension or modification. But configuration only needs native tools in the system that changes system’s behavior or features.

ERP Customization

To build functionality that does not exist in your current system, customization enables to develop new functionality as per the business need, Also, you can extend or modify features if required. Our team develops new functionality through customization that helps you in achieving the desired outcome. Important to realize, customization requires high-quality technical software development and coding skills.

ERP Configuration

Configuration is basically setting the ERP system’s options to get the desired result. Important to realize, it may sound easy but it requires advanced knowledge of an ERP system’s inner workings. If you want system to work in a certain way, configuration is required. The configuration needed in the integration, personalization and sometimes in automation as well.                                                  

What Do OdooExpress Offers

• Development of Odoo module with the most efficient way.

• The minimum cost required to upgrade Odoo Modules developed by us to the next version.

• We are always updated with the current as well as next Odoo versions hence our Odoo development services are more compatible with the next version.

• Follow high-quality user experience standards during Odoo customization and development.

• Odoo module customization by following standard coding guidelines of Odoo.

• Development of new widgets view types in the core Odoo server code.