Provide Personalized Customer Experiences

Manage the Entire Customer Journey with Odoo CRM

360-Degree Insight into Prospects and Customers

Transform raw data into more profound insights and get a comprehensive overview of all your prospects and clients. Get all information in one place, an opportunity contains all prospects and customer data including pages visited on your website, their queries, email address, contact number, company name, next actions, meetings, interaction history, quotations, and more. Get a single view of all your opportunities, and customers to deliver outstanding client experiences, and drive sales.

360-Degree Insight into Prospects and Customers
Odoo CRM Software
Odoo CRM Software

Engage With Your Customers In Real Time

  • check imageThe unified view of customers' critical information helps deliver relevant experiences at the right time.
  • check image Real-time communication enables faster responses to your customer's requirements and queries.
  • check image Get a quick overview of your CRM system and assess each customer requirement.
  • check image Monitor the sales team's actions to see when the salesperson sent emails, schedule future activities, or sent quotations.
  • check image You can share your inputs and documents to make the sales closing faster.
  • check image Create and share quotations with your customers just in a few seconds.

Improve Retention and Loyalty with an Intelligent Engagement

Keep your prospects engaged by consistently communicating with them about their requirements and queries. Simply put, prompt responses, delivery of quality products and services, competitive pricing, upselling, etc. help you make the customer journey amazing and enhance prospects' and customers' experience. Odoo CRM software is designed to make customer relationships stronger and healthier.

Improve Retention and Loyalty with an Intelligent Engagement

Organize Your Pipeline On the Fly

Get Accurate CRM Reports and Forecast

  • check image An intuitive dashboard for a comprehensive overview of your pipeline and sales team performance.
  • check image Analyze your prospects pipeline with cutting-edge open-source CRM filters, group by, and custom filter options.
  • check image Envision your sales team and salespersons' KPIs at a glance.
  • check image Get precise statistics on the sources of leads to evaluate the ROI of marketing campaigns
  • check image Get accurate forecasts by utilizing actionable data and make smarter decisions.

Completely Integrated with Various Odoo Apps



Create quotations from Odoo CRM in just a few simple clicks and further manage them in the sales app.



Get the available products added to the quotation and quickly share quotes with your opportunities.

Multiple Sales Channel

Multiple Sales Channel

Odoo CRM is closely connected with multiple sales channels including eCommerce and Point of Sale.

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

Enhance leads nurturing with Odoo's marketing automation apps like Email Marketing, Events, etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Odoo customer relationship management software?

Odoo CRM is an advanced customer management application that helps companies manage and track all their leads, opportunities, and customers in a single place. This software helps companies improve business relationships with their customers and potential customers.

What is the difference between leads and opportunities?

In Odoo leads are the unqualified contacts or we can say raw data on which the sales team works to convert them into opportunities.

On the other hand, opportunities are clearly defined prospects, they have some sort of expected revenue, product or service requirements, and scope of work.

What are prevalent Odoo CRM software features?

Odoo CRM has numerous state-of-the-art features that help companies manage every aspect of customer relationships. Let's have a look into the prevalent features of Odoo CRM:

  • Lead and Opportunity Management
  • Quick Quotation Generation
  • Planning Future Activities
  • Customer Record Management
  • Efficient and Prompt Communication
Is your CRM software a good fit for all-size enterprises?

Yes, Odoo CRM can be used by all size businesses including small, medium, and large scale.