Automate equipment maintenance management

Automate equipment maintenance management

For manufacturing industries, their equipment is the lifeline of their business process. Any defect or damage to their machines and equipment causes a huge loss because it can prevent the production process. Important to realize, manufacturers totally rely on their equipment like a life raft. To keep all these things in mind, management of equipment maintenance is an essential part of the manufacturing industries. Without proper equipment maintenance management, manufacturing operations efficiency and productivity would drop. To eliminate all the negative possibilities, businesses should find a reliable solution for it. To make sure that every asset is operating at peak performance, you need a robust equipment maintenance software. This equipment maintenance management software enables you to manage and schedule equipment maintenance.

The name of this software explains itself clearly, but there is so much to understand about equipment management software. Equipment maintenance tracking software assists the companies and their facility managers to maintain and repair their equipment whenever required without wasting a second. This software allows users to schedule maintenance and submit work orders. Furthermore, you can easily log equipment history that helps you to track the health of your equipment. Most importantly, the automation capabilities of the heavy equipment maintenance management software makes the whole process more effective and powerful. We all know that manual tracking of equipment maintenance is really difficult, with this in mind, implementation of equipment preventive maintenance software automates and assists you to manage everything from inventory management and preventive maintenance schedule to track work orders.

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Odoo Equipment Maintenance

Every manufacturing industry expects a better production process that can assure them of the improved product quality in each stage of its production. To put it another way, manufacturers' prime responsibility is to make sure better production management.

In order to assure the product performance, equipment maintenance management is the major factor that makes the entire process effective and successful. Odoo ERP has a robust equipment maintenance module that lets you track all your machines and equipment as well as you can view maintenance requests, all in one place.

Odoo has two ways to carry out equipment maintenance

Odoo has two ways to carry out equipment maintenance

First, preventive maintenance management that includes regular maintenance of equipment to keep those working for the long run. In other words, it is a routine work that is performed on equipment to increase its life. Preventive maintenance is performed on working equipment, which means equipment that is currently in use. Equipment preventive maintenance software takes care of working machines and equipment. Furthermore, this software notifies the facility managers if they become faulty or fail. Preventive maintenance can be called as servicing of equipment that can be carried in regular intervals.

Second one is, corrective maintenance management, which involves identifying, distinguishing, and segregating failed or faulty equipment. Also, it includes redressing an issue related to faulty machines or equipment so that the equipment can be reestablished to work again and operate successfully. The primary objective of equipment maintenance is to make the manufacturing process more proficient by reducing the downtime. Odoo has the best equipment maintenance module that surely reduces the risk of equipment failure. Due to the real-time tracking and complete visibility across the operation keeps companies updated about servicing the equipment over regular periods. With open-source equipment maintenance software, you can get a clear insight into the system and view when maintenance was last performed? when next servicing needed to be performed?, and how much part left in the inventory to perform equipment repairs and servicing.

A robust machine maintenance software

Odoo's machine and equipment maintenance application enable manufacturers to keep their machines and equipment maintained for the proper functioning of the production process. By using this app, the production person of the company can make maintenance requests in the portal and get notification accordingly. Furthermore, Odoo allows managing inventory and invoicing processes associated with the utilised material during the maintenance process. This software has unique and special functionalities, you can send emails automatically before scrap equipment, contract expire and warranty period expires.

The key features of Odoo equipment management software programs are:

• Maintain inventory, stock levels and invoices of utilized materials and services of the maintenance process

• Automatically get notification related to equipment maintenance processes such as scrap equipment, contract expire and warranty expired.

• Effectively manage equipment contracts as well as an equipment checklist.

• It allows you to calculate statistics of MTBF, MTTR automatically, now you can estimate the next failure.

• Manage two pillars of equipment maintenance process management, preventive and corrective maintenance.

• Schedule maintenance requests easily and get notified.

All-in-one equipment maintenance software

Odoo software provides construction and manufacturing industries with a great solution for equipment maintenance management. Construction equipment maintenance software is the best way to improve equipment reliability in a cost-effective way. Furthermore, it makes work completion rates better and also improves repair parts turnover. The tracking tools within equipment maintenance software open source enables managers and supervisors of the maintenance departments to plan, schedule and prioritize work more conveniently than ever. Equally important, if you want to keep the operating performance of your production equipment at peak, Odoo maintenance software can make it easy. Another key point of Odoo maintenance module is, it has a user-friendly interface as well as you can access it from anywhere. All things considered, your technicians and line operators can easily adapt to this system and your business will gain more productivity with the new technology.

Benefits of Machine and Equipment Software:

• You can organize and view your equipment with more convenience

• Easily manage assets ( Asset lifecycle management), right from procurement to disposal.

• For any asset, you can easily access its work order history.

• Run preventive maintenance and scheduled maintenance

• For preventive maintenance, Create service tickets and scheduled maintenance.

• Send email alerts automatically to the responsible person when work is assigned.

• Conveniently track all warranties, service contracts and manuals, all in a single place.

• Maintenance tracking software enables end to end equipment maintenance tracking.

• Requisitions, maintenance, and tracking - on the cloud!

• Record all the maintenance and repair history

Heavy Equipment Maintenance Software

Our heavy equipment maintenance program enables you to understand everything in detail. We understand that only the right machine maintenance software and equipment maintenance tracking software can help you to track your valuable equipment. OdooExpress offers the best equipment maintenance system that surely keeps your equipment running for a long time. An appropriate software system can truly avoid all the possibilities of unscheduled downtime that may delay the production process for hours. Equipment Maintenance Scheduling is really crucial because it can lead to skyrocketing repair costs and ultimately it can cause harm to the manufacturing unit.