Power Up Your Sales Operations

Streamline the Quote to Payment Process with Odoo Sales Management Software

Odoo Sales Management Software

Sell Faster With Cutting-Edge Sales Software

  • Check imageSend clean and professional quotations to your customers in a few seconds.
  • Check image Converting quotations into sales orders and invoices has never been so seamless.
  • Check image Close integration with CRM helps you get a complete overview of your customer journey.

Automating Sales Operations

  • check ImageAccelerate your sales cycle with electronic signatures and online payment features.
  • check Image Boost profits by keeping tabs on your client's requirements and upselling products.
  • check Image Set up automatic emails and follow-ups and send personalized emails to your clients.
Odoo Sales Management Software
Connect Instantly With Your Customers

Connect Instantly With Your Customers

  • check Image Direct and fast communication from quotations via email using the Odoo sales module.
  • check Image Automatically keep complete records of your negotiations.
  • check Image Create multiple email templates and personalize, optimize and share them.
  • check Image Automatically keep entire records of your past negotiations and other emails.
  • check Image Follow up on the right time via email, or call, and close the deal faster.

Establish Long Lasting Relationships

Provide convenience to your clients while working with you, such as faster product and service delivery, eSignature option, online payment option, and so on. Furthermore, options to plan future activities like calls, emails, and meetings help in keeping in touch with your clients at the right time and help in making your relationship with your customers stronger and healthier.

Using the Odoo sales management system, the sales operations manager can grant access to your customers to have a complete overview of their quotations, sales orders, invoices, and delivery orders. They can easily log in to their customer portal and track their order's progress in real-time. Also, they can communicate in real-time by sending you emails from their portal.

Right Prices Lead to a Remarkable Return

The Odoo sales app allows you to design, modify, and implement your own pricing strategy. It helps calculate the right prices and maximize revenue. You can creat e multiple prices for a single product as well as set up advanced pricing rules for each price list. Further, it can be used while creating a quotation and it will help you pick the most suitable price for a particular customer. Also, it helps you offer different discounts and prices to your loyal and trusted clients which will push them to buy more from you. All things considered, it will ensure a high customer retention rate and improve customer loyalty.

Right Prices Lead to a Remarkable Return

Order and Contract Management


Create and Send Quotations Quickly


Client Accepts Quote from Their Portal Interface


Customer Signs the quote with Simple eSignature


Automatic Conversion to Sales Order


Invoice Customers Instantly


Close The Deal


Get Paid Instantly with Online Payment

Close Deals Over Mobile

Odoo sales management software is mobile friendly which means it allows you to connect and interact with your customers on the fly. This means, wherever you are and whenever your customer needs you, you can connect with them, send quotes on the go, generate invoices, and get paid online. Simply put, use your laptops, smartphones, and tablets to manage your sales cycle.

Odoo sales management software
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Odoo sales software and how does it help businesses?

Odoo sales management software is one of the fastest, most automated, and the best sales management system for all sizes of companies. You can manage a huge amount of your sales data including, customers, quotations, pricelist, discounts, products, and sales orders in a seamless manner. You can easily create quotations, generate invoices, track delivery, and get paid instantly.

It helps businesses in so many ways and the best way is to save a lot of time and money. Also, it helps them sell more and maintain a strong relationship with their clients.

Is it possible to grant discounts on sales order lines in Odoo sales?

Yes, it is possible, all you need to do is to enable the Discount option from the configuration settings of the Odoo sales management module.

Is the Odoo sales module integrated with other Odoo apps?

Yes, the Odoo sales app is closely integrated with various Odoo apps such as CRM, inventory, accounting, eCommerce, POS, and more.

How to create and manage a pricelist in the Odoo sales app?

First, you need to go to the Sales Module > Configuration > Settings > Pricing > Pricelist, now click on the checkbox to enable the pricelist creation option. Further, you can select Multiple prices per product option or Advanced price rules (discounts, formulas).

Now, click on the pricelist option, here you can create multiple price lists, add the name of the pricelist, select currency, add products, minimum quality, price, the pricelist's validity date, and more.

Further, go to the pricelist configuration tab and select the country groups on which you want to implement the pricelist.