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FedEx Shipping Carrier

FedEx Corporation formerly named Federal Express Corporation is a multi-national courier service provider. This organization provides shipping solutions for both, domestic as well as international shipping. Connecting your business with FedEx enables you to get a broad spectrum of package delivery solutions.

Moreover, in the current times, FedEx is a renowned air delivery service provider. This organization was the first big shipping service provider that started offering overnight delivery as a flagship service. FedEx allows you to track your packages as you want by entering your tracking number. FedEx has multiple delivery service levels.

FedEx Service Levels

Service Level

  • FedEx Ground
  • FedEx Home Delivery
  • FedEx Express Saver
  • FedEx 2Day
  • FedEx 2Day AM
  • FedEx Standard Overnight
  • FedEx Priority Overnight
  • FedEx First Overnight
  • FedEx International Ground
  • FedEx International Economy
  • FedEx International Priority
  • FedEx International First

Transit Time

  • FedEx Ground : 1-5 days (May vary depending on location)
  • FedEx Home Delivery : 1-5 Business Days
  • FedEx Express Saver : 3 Business Days
  • FedEx 2Day : 2 Business Days
  • FedEx 2Day AM : 2 Business Days (before noon)
  • FedEx Standard Overnight : 1 Business Day
  • FedEx Priority Overnight : 1 Business Day (2 Business Days when shipping to HI & AK)
  • FedEx First Overnight : 1 Business Day (AM Delivery)
  • FedEx International Ground : Delivery times can vary depending on location
  • FedEx International Economy : Delivery times can vary depending on location
  • FedEx International Priority : 1-3 Business Day
  • FedEx International First : 1-3 Business Day

Combined Length And Girth (L+2W+2H)

  • FedEx Ground : 165” (419cm)
  • FedEx Home Delivery : 165” (419cm)
  • FedEx Express Saver : 165” (419cm)
  • FedEx 2Day : 165” (419cm)
  • FedEx 2Day AM : 165” (419cm)
  • FedEx Standard Overnight : 165” (419cm)
  • FedEx Priority Overnight : 165” (419cm)
  • FedEx First Overnight : 165” (419cm)
  • FedEx International Ground : 165” (419cm)
  • FedEx International Economy : 165” (419cm)
  • FedEx International Priority : 165” (419cm)
  • FedEx International First : 165” (419cm)

Maximum Weight

  • FedEx Ground : 150 lbs
  • FedEx Home Delivery : 70 lbs
  • FedEx Express Saver : 150 lbs
  • FedEx 2Day : 150 lbs
  • FedEx 2Day AM : 150 lbs
  • FedEx Standard Overnight : 150 lbs
  • FedEx Priority Overnight : 150 lbs
  • FedEx First Overnight : 150 lbs
  • FedEx International Ground : 150 lbs
  • FedEx International Economy : 150 lbs
  • FedEx International Priority : 150 lbs
  • FedEx International First : 150 lbs

Easily set up your FedEx Account

FedEx lets you do the online account registration just by following a few simple steps:

  • Go to fedex.com and click on the Sign Up/Log In option and then choose the "Open An Account" option if you are new.
  • Further, follow the instructions and add the details like email, name, company name, address, IEC code (Import Export Code), and your shipping needs ( if it's import or export), and then submit. You need to complete the online account registration form and then add your credit card or billing purposes.
  • Now, you are all set to start shipping.

*If you already have an account, simply choose a login option and then use your existing user ID and password.

Odoo Editions and Versions

Odoo FedEx Connector

It is really important to keep your clients on your site by providing all the solutions that they need. For example, if they are a distribution company delivering their products across the country or even across the world, they must be using a shipping carrier. In order to keep them on your site, connecting your system with the shipping carrier will help them handle using a single system and they will not search for another option.

FedEx shipping solution is used by all sizes of businesses and integrating it with Odoo helps the companies handle their delivery operations more efficiently and faster. Simply put, we have developed a smart connector that connects Odoo with FedEx services which help companies improve their shipping process.

Our Odoo FedEx connector module enables businesses to configure the FedEx delivery methods and set this method while creating a sales order. Also, it allows them to get live rates of FedEx services, and further, they can view & add the prices on the sale order line. Moving further it allows them to get shipment labels and tracking numbers in Odoo.

All things considered, this connector allows companies to manage their shipping needs within their Odoo ERP. This integration really makes shipping operations management and package tracking easier.

How Does Odoo FedEx Connector Work?

Odoo FedEx Connector Work
  • First, configure FedEx credentials to connect this shipping carrier with Odoo.
  • Configure the FedEx delivery method and add multiple FedEx service levels, if required.
  • Create a sale order and use the FedEx delivery method, it can be any service level.
  • Click on the Get rate button and then on view rate.
  • You will be able to view multiple rates, simply select the rate as per the FedEx service selected on the sale order.
  • The selected rate will be added to the sale order line.
  • Now, click on the confirm button to generate a delivery order.
  • Go to the delivery order and then click on the submit shipment button to get a label and tracking number.
  • Now validate the delivery order and you will be able to track your shipment in real-time.
  • Also, you can cancel shipments in FedEx.

​** Information regarding the label and tracking number is given by FedEx.

Key Features Offered By The Odoo FedEx Connector App

Our module allows businesses to test shipping methods in a test and live environment.

Add FedEx shipping method.
Get a live rate of FedEx Services.
Multiple shipment labels are supported.
Track shipments in real-time.
Use multiple FedEx services.
Get shipping labels in a click.
Fetch shipment tracking numbers.
Cancel shipment in FedEx.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why has Odoo considered the best ERP software for all sizes of companies?

There is no ERP that has all the applications and features that fit into every type of company but the reason why Odoo is considered the best ERP is that it can be customized exactly as per the business needs.

There is no ERP that has all the applications and features that fit into every type of company but the reason why Odoo is considered the best ERP is that it can be customized exactly as per the business needs.

Why Odoo could become the world's number one ERP?

There are multiple reasons to choose Odoo ERP

  • 1. Completely Open Source Platform
  • 2. Easily Customizable
  • 3. Simple to Integrate with Third-Party Apps
  • 4. All rounder ERP Solutions - Thousands of ERP Modules and Applications
  • 5. Extraordinary Scalability
  • 6. Modular Approach
  • 7. Support of Strong and Huge Odoo Community
Why is the cost of hiring Odoo partners higher than the freelancers?

Yes, it is true that the cost of dedicated Odoo experts is higher than the freelancers because they offer quality service and dedicatedly work on your project. Also, ensure that their work will not impact your business adversely. Also, the team of certified Odoo developers, Odoo consultants, and quality analysts will help in implementation, customization, development, data migration, and third-party integration as well as offering consistent Odoo support and maintenance services.

Do you offer the Odoo support packages, if yes then what is the cost of the support plan?

Yes, we offer the best Odoo support packages and we have a Pool developer plan (Hourly) and a Dedicated developer plan (Monthly).

Please check the Odoo support plan using the link below:

Does Odoo have any user restrictions?

No, there is no such user restriction in this ERP solution. However, you have to pay per user if you are using Odoo Enterprise.

What are all the Out Of the Box (OOTB) Modules available in Odoo?

You can get around 40+ modules in Odoo out of the box, including manufacturing, sales, CRM, inventory, purchase, eCommerce, website builder, invoicing, project management, timesheet, point of sale (POS), employee management, and so on.

Can I migrate from OdooExpress to Odoo Community?


Can I migrate from OdooExpress to Odoo Enterprise?

Yes, you can. But only on the partner’s Odoo.sh account.

Can I exit anytime from OdooExpress?

Yes, you can quit anytime fromOdooExpress platform.

What Odoo Implementation Packages do you provide?

We offer multiple plans for Odoo implementation.

  • 1. Hourly Plan
  • 2. Fixed Cost Plan
Do you have Odoo Support hours?

Yes, we offer Odoo support packages on hourly pricing. You can purchase support hours from us at a very reasonable price.