Overview of OdooExpress Purchase Management Module

1. Automate your purchasing workflow :

Here we can Automatically send RfQ s- (Request For Quotations) to your suppliers based on your stocks levels . This will Improve your purchase and inventory performance along with procurement rules depending on stock levels , logistic rules , sales orders , forecast manufacturing orders , etc. Select different refill scheme for each product depending on your manufacturing / delivering strategies .

2 . Supplier price lists & product availability :

We can easily Make efficient purchase decisions using the best prices . With this we can Easily import suppliers price lists and references to make quick and apt purchase decisions based on different vendor policies, quantities, and special contract conditions .We can easily track the availability of the product in your supplier’s inventory and you can also check your order status .

3 . Get the best offer with purchase tenders :

We can easily Get the best price by bargaining / negotiating with different vendors . We can Launch purchase tenders and easily integrate vendor's answers in the process which help us to compare proposals from different vendors ; Choose the best offer and send purchase orders within seconds . We can also use reporting to analyze the proposal of your vendors afterwards .

4 . Get statistics on your purchases:

We can easily Analyze , forecast and efficiently plan your orders...
Purchase management is another important module of any ERP system, OpenERP Purchase management specifically design considering the ease of use to the user. OpenERP purchase management module helps you to track all your suppliers information, order you did for purchases, Inventory management, pricing for suppliers and so on. OpenERP Purchase management provides you with a complete end to end purchasing solution from RFQ till payments. OpenERP purchase management further helps you to have quick decision making since all the purchase history and the suppliers list are already available into the OpenERP software. You can easily manage all your RFQ and purchase order with OpenERP. Your organization may be purchasing many variety of products and service either to meet the business or organizational day to day requirements, therefore purchases is considered as one of the important module of any ERP software. OpenERP Purchase management helps you to handle everything you purchase for your organization. Specifically it is a backbone module for trading industries. Another advantage of purchase management module is that it is integrated with other related modules. Which means when you are purchasing a product for your organizational needs you have to pay the pricing of the good you got, in other words Accounting entries are done automatically once the purchase is done so forth the payments. The module is also integrated with Inventory which updates as the products are entered into the warehouse.
How Purchase Management Module in OpenERP Benefits your company:
It helps in complete automation of Purchases.
You can manage minute details of your purchases
Easily identify potential suppliers
Supplier’s quotation evaluation
Billing process
Invoice and payments management
Easily update the inventory and
Finally a quick effective and efficient decision making on all your purchase needs