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Odoo in Australia:

Odoo, previously known as OpenERP, is a modular Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) application that delivers a wide range of operational and financial functionality.

Basic modules include; Accounting & Finance, Sales Management, Inventory, Manufacturing, Projects, Human Resources, Customer Relationship Management, Purchasing, Website, and Electronic Documents.

Some of the advantages of selecting an open-source ERP solution for business.

Platform Diversity

One of the biggest advantages of Odoo ERP Australia is that businesses can explore more open and interconnected ERP platform models that may work better, particularly for a smaller business that doesn’t need a slick, highly crafted proprietary ERP solution. In terms of being interconnected, open-source Australian Odoo ERP products can sometimes be more compatible with the company’s hardware system, or with other standalone applications.

Community Support

This is an overwhelming benefit of many open source ERP solution popular with companies who choose to go this route. Many of these platforms are supported by vibrant user communities — the support is experimental and transparent, and for IT professionals who love to be immersed in this environment, open-source can be a good solution.

The Big Vendor Problem

Others who promote open source ERP solutions argue that going open source frees a company from the “big vendor” trap— some talk about “walled gardens” where functionality is limited to tools from a particular vendor, or even where vendors start to control proprietary customer data in disturbing ways.

No Installation or Licensing

In some ways, this is the number one benefit of open source solution — there is no burden of licensing software, by physically using software keys or installing and registering products in a particular way. There are none of the costs associated with licensing, costs which can get pretty steep for vendor licensed products.

OdooExpress offer industry-specific solutions by understanding the requirements of the different industries. We have helped many businesses to overcome their hurdles by developing an Odoo ERP solution for them.

How We Help Businesses To Grow !!

Odoo/OpenERP Implementation (Requirements Research, Project Planning and Solution Design.)

Odoo/OpenERP Customization (GAP Analysis, Prioritize Business Needs and Process Mapping.)

Odoo/OpenERP Development (New Module Development as per the business requirement.)

Odoo/OpenERP Integration (System Identification, Process Data Mapping and Technology Collaboration)

Odoo/OpenERP support (Data Analysis, maintenance, support and bug fixes.)

Odoo/OpenERP Reporting (All type of reports)

We are a US-based company and the top Odoo partner Australia offering our services in Australia as well. Odoo Australia products are designed in such a way for small to medium size companies so that they can optimize their business performance by understanding the business culture in Australia. We build great products to solve your business problems

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