1-OdooExpress sales management

The Sales Module in OdooExpress is a comprehensive application software that allows you to manage all your sales activities. Effectively track your sales, optimize your sales opportunity, automate your sales processes, improve your sales efficiency and attain business profitability with the OdooExpress sales module. You can manage the complete sales order process from quotation to customer order, manage deliveries and invoicing, manage carriers, margin control and reporting, do price management and handle various types of sales discount campaigns and much more in OdooExpress. Some of the key features of the sales modules are:

Manage Quotations

Create new quotations or create a quotation directly from an opportunity and add corresponding order lines. You can set an analytic account for your order which will be used during invoicing to generate accounting entries corresponding to the invoice automatically. OdooExpress provides you with some very useful information while making a sales quotation like quantity of products on hand, forecasted quantity, public price etc. to give you a clear picture. Quotations are opened in PDF and can be directly sent in emails for client confirmation, they are automatically converted into Sales orders on confirmation of the quotation.

Manage Sales Orders &Invoices

Sales Orders can be created for Multiple Products with multiple order lines. OdooExpress provides you an interactive process view of an order. You can configure various parameters in your sales orders like Shipping Policies (partial/complete deliveries), Invoice Types (On Demand/On Delivery Order/ Before Delivery), Invoices On (Shipped/Order Quantities), Delivery Modes (partial/complete delivery) to determine the future behavior. Analytic accounts can be linked with invoicing to generate accounting entries corresponding to the invoice automatically

Manage Deliveries

Managing your delivery process becomes much easier and simpler with OdooExpress. Effortlessly manage the different carriers with whom you work. Calculate costs and invoices for your deliveries, Define the transfer methods, Tariffs for your deliveries, Easily set up tariff grids , set conditions and define rules to calculate transport prices.

Track Your Margins

Maintaining a good control of your margins is very essential to ensure profitability. OdooExpress provides you with a number of methods to monitor your Sales Margins. You can calculate your margins on Sales Orders for each order line or on the order total. You would be able to track your margins by product by defining the analysis criteria for definite period and the Invoice state (Open Invoices, Paid Invoices, All Invoices etc.).You can view details like Total Margin, Expected Margin, Percentage Total Margin and percentage Expected Margin

OdooExpress Sales Management

1. OdooExpress Sales Management Sell faster everything
2. Send Quotes Online Use templates to create polished, professional quotes in minutes. Send these quotes by email and let your customer sign online. Use cross-selling and discounts to push and boost your sales.
3. Electronic Signature OdooExpress’s professional app lets your customers sign proposals online. Use up-selling techniques to propose them some options. This advanced feature can help you to minimize the time and the effort put into online sales and attract new customers. Spend the extra time focusing on selling, not recording data.
4. Communicate Efficiently Send offers with clear pricing to your customers and let them accept it, reject it or ask for more information. You can directly communicate with the customer through the messaging software and see the whole history of the conversation in the quotation. The "Options" feature can help you to boost your sales by suggesting similar products to your customer.