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Reinventing Manufacturing With Odoo

Integrated Barcode Scanning

Integrated Barcode Scanning

Integration with the Odoo barcode scanning module allows you to track all the products flawlessly and your time will never be wasted at any level of manufacturing operations.

Seamless Inventory Management

Seamless Inventory Management

In Odoo, the collaboration of inventory operations with manufacturing helps avoid material shortages, eliminate data inaccuracy, and accelerate the entire production process.

Precise Production Forecasting

Precise Production Forecasting

Odoo manufacturing software has a robust analytic tool that assesses massive datasets and forecasts future trends for more effective production and distribution planning.

Track Machine Maintenance

Track Machine Maintenance

Keep your equipment well maintained with preventive and corrective maintenance Odoo manufacturing software features and reduce the overall production downtime.

Be One Step Ahead with Right Planning and Scheduling

  • Keep your assembly line moving by foreseeing issues even before they emerge.
  • Smartly plan production and distribution processes in real-time to avoid failures.
  • Employ advanced analytics tools for accurate demand forecasting.
  • Odoo purchase app for vendor management and essential supply redundancies.
  • Able to see all forthcoming work orders, whenever and however you want.
  • Easily reschedule manufacturing by having a precise view of your whole plan.
  • Keep track of the availability of items in stock and production time.
  • MRP Scheduler for scheduling work per work center based on their capacity.
Odoo Manufacturing Software
Odoo Manufacturing Software
Odoo Manufacturing Software

Improving Shop Floor Control

A lot of manufacturing companies spend substantial time and effort trying to get accurate information across their manufacturing operations to reduce errors. Odoo manufacturing operations management solution makes it quite simple to get the right information at the right time. With Odoo manufacturing software you can easily get real-time updates from the shop floor by setting tablets in every work center.

Odoo enables tablet deployment across the shopfloor to have real-time information at every stage, it further reduces the possibility of poor quality of finished goods. The tablets deployed can record exactly what is helping at what step of the production process. You can check all the current and future operations using the tablet application.

Never Compromise On Quality

Getting a high-quality product is not as easy as it might look, it takes a lot of monitoring, time, and effort to produce high-quality products. Odoo quality module integration helps in keeping a tab on the production process at every step so that the business can intercept as soon as they find any quality issue at any step. You will get the control points in the Odoo manufacturing app which will help trigger quality checks automatically for the manufacturing department. The team can organize their quality check tasks with a kanban view of quality alerts.

In Odoo you can define quality check plans and the responsible quality inspectors can pass or fail on the basis of predefined criteria. They submit the final result so that the production engineers can take appropriate actions before removing ahead with the production process. This will ensure a reduction in overall manufacturing costs.

Odoo Manufacturing Software
Evolving Manufacturing Industry

Evolving Manufacturing Industry

  • No need to worry about deadlines, accuracy in production planning enables efficient manufacturing.
  • Get everything in one place, from procurement, inventory, material planning, quality, maintenance, and more.
  • Real-time communication tools make production more accurate by publishing worksheets for workers during operations.
  • Odoo manufacturing software enables the automation of shop floor operations by having real-time information at every step.

Workcenter Management Made Effortless

  • Placing tablets in each work center helps organize work more effectively.
  • Easily record productions and scan products with lots/serial numbers.
  • Upload and display worksheets with instructions for work center operators.
  • From work centers, one can scrap products and create quality alerts.
  • Option to use alerts for showing changes or quality checks to operators..
Odoo Manufacturing Software

Get All in a Single Manufacturing Solution

Bill of Materials Management
Seamless Version Changes
Product Life Cycle Management
Multiple Production Routings
Worksheets with Instructions
Advanced Planning & Scheduling
WorkCenter Control Panel
Work Orders Management
Supply Chain Management
Effective Inventory Management
Defining Procurement Rules
Quality Control Points
Planning Quality Inspections
Manage Quality Alerts
Equipment Management
Tracking Maintenance Requests

Getting More Precise Reporting

  • A comprehensive traceability report on the parts/components used in the manufacturing process.
  • Analyze and track each manufacturing order's cost based on labor and material costs.
  • It is quite easy to analyze work centers' capacities and track overall equipment effectiveness.
  • Production analysis reports can be seen for a specific duration and particular products.
Odoo Manufacturing Software
Meet the Expert

Frequently Asked Questions?

What is Odoo's manufacturing management system?

Odoo's manufacturing module is a perfect solution for all-size manufacturing companies, it helps in managing all manufacturing processes and supply chains. This ensures growth in the business's overall efficiency. This manufacturing module is closely integrated with various Odoo apps so that you can manage all the product data in a single system.

Is Odoo manufacturing software free?

Yes, you can use the Odoo manufacturing module for free in the community edition, however, you will not get the integrated Odoo manufacturing solution. For integrating quality modules and getting a master production schedule like features you need to go for the Odoo enterprise manufacturing solution which will be chargeable.

What are the manufacturing orders in the Odoo?

Users can easily create manufacturing orders for products and move them through various stages in an assembly line to complete manufacturing.

What Odoo modules are integrated with manufacturing software?

The Odoo manufacturing system is integrated with numerous advanced Odoo modules to centralize the entire production and distribution process. You can integrate Odoo inventory, sales, purchase, quality, maintenance, project, timesheet, and other Odoo modules.