Let's Understand Who are Odoo Developers

Odoo ERP is a complete suite of business application platforms that assist in making business operations faster and more efficient. But the successful Odoo ERP implementation is based on a team of professional Odoo developers. An Odoo developer is an expert that can successfully develop and customize Odoo modules and their features. They are tech-savvy and have a vast knowledge of programming in Python, Javascript, Jquery, etc.

They are the ones who have extensive knowledge of Odoo solutions and are experts in the Odoo framework. In other words, they know the ins and outs of Odoo. To get such a talented and skilled development team, work with the top Odoo partner company and Hire expert Odoo developers. The best Odoo developers can customize and develop the solution according to your business needs. Work with OdooExpress and get a team of Odoo professional developers. They have experience in working with multiple industries and have done hundreds of implementations successfully. They have access to the Odoo’s source code and do quality coding to provide the best Odoo software solutions.

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Odoo Customization

Odoo Customization

Customization services meet all the business requirements by modifying the system as per the business flow. Include more features in the Odoo modules and get a personalized experience while using the software. It will definitely improve your business performance and productivity.

Odoo Implementation

Odoo Implementation

We have vast experience and expertise in implementing Odoo ERP successfully. We have a team that is Odoo specialists and know Odoo from its core. They help clients from the very beginning; from requirement gathering, ERP development, and deployment to the final support.

Odoo App Development

Odoo App Development

Hire ERP developers who are skilled and have years of experience in Odoo development. Our team of Odoo developers can develop the Odoo ERP modules and applications as per the client's requirements. They are also experts in developing custom Odoo applications for clients.

Odoo Integration

Odoo Integration

Being an open-source solution Odoo ERP is very flexible, it can be modified as per business needs and workflow. Our Odoo developers have skills and expertise in integrating the Odoo ERP with any third-party application such as Payment gateways, eCommerce platforms, Shipping solutions, and more.

Odoo Migration

Odoo Migration

Hire OpenERP developers to get clean and secure data migration services. We carry out data migration and module migration very carefully. Get your data, including sales, purchases, and accounting, migrated from your old ERP to Odoo or from older Odoo version to a newer Odoo version.

Odoo Support

Odoo Support

We provide consistent odoo support and maintenance services to our clients. It means if our client faces any issues, we help them by resolving their functional and technical issues. We ensure that our customers use the OpenERP solution seamlessly and achieve their business objectives.

Our Odoo Development Team

Our Odoo developers have extensive experience with the Odoo ERP and have strong Python programming skills. They are IT experts and have solid programming knowledge in JavaScript, Jquery, SQL, PostgreSQL, etc. Not only do they know the technical aspects of Odoo, but also have a good understanding of functional aspects. They have a strong understanding of the business requirements and workflow. It helps them develop a robust ERP system as per the business needs.

OdooExpress has a very strong Odoo development team, it consists of:

  • Front End Developers
  • Back End Developers
  • POS Developers
  • Mobile App Developers

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Our Development Project Hiring Model

We have a flexible hiring approach, one can opt for any one of them as per their convenience. We allocate our resources according to the type of development project, its budget, and client business requirements.

Let's understand our hiring model:

One the Basis of Type of Development

1. Front-End Development Project

For the front-end developments like website development or eCommerce front-end development projects, we allocate the team of:

  • Odoo Functional Consultants
  • Front-end Developers
  • Odoo API developers (for integration requirements)
  • Quality Analyst

2. Backend Development Project

For the back-end developments, OdooExpress allocates the skilled team of:

  • Odoo Technical & Functional Consultants
  • Backend Developer
  • Quality Analyst

3. POS (Point of Sales) Development Project

POS development project requires the team of:

  • Odoo Functional Consultants
  • Odoo POS Developer
  • Quality Analyst

On the basis of the Payment Plan or Budget

1. Fixed cost plan

This type of payment plan includes various phases like:

  • Gap Analysis
  • Requirement Gathering
  • Development phase

2. Monthly

In this kind of payment plan, we carry out the gap analysis, requirements gathering, and development of the system simultaneously. The client needs to make payments on a monthly basis.

3. Yearly

Here, the client pays on the yearly basis and our team works on the requirements gathering, gap analysis, and developments simultaneously.

4. Quarterly

We also offer a quarterly payment plan in case the client wants to get their development, customization, or integration project done in three months. Our dedicated development team follows the agile development methodology. This helps us deliver the project within the given timeframe.

How to Hire Developers From OdooExpress?

Follow 5 simple steps and hire a strong development team.


Requirement Analysis

Our team first carries out the requirement analysis and understands what kind of development you will need. After required clarification, you can hire the Expert Odoo developers from us as per your needs, such as frontend developers, POS developers, backend developers, or mobile app developers.


Precise Documentation

Once we have the idea of what you need and gather all your requirements. We proceed further and help our clients to draft a detailed document. First, we list down the requirements and categorize them according to their complexity level. It will help us comprehend the time and cost of the development.


Get a Quote

Now we have a clear estimate of the time consumption and cost, we move ahead and generate the quotation accordingly. Once our client gets the quote from us and approves it, we agree to move forward with the project.


Make Payment

After getting the quote from us the client proceeds further with the payment process. We accept payment theory in multiple ways including, PayPal, Stripe, and Wire Transfer.


Commence The Project

As soon as the client makes the payment, we instantly start working on the development project. Our team of ERP developers ensures that they meet the client's requirements through the best development and customization services.

Why Choose OdooExpress?

Odoo Professional Team

Our team of ERP experts makes sure you get the best software for your business. We have years of development, customization, integration, and implementation experience and have worked for multiple industries.

Flexible Development Options

Our flexible Odoo development model allows our clients to have full control over their projects. Also, the flexible pricing structure allows our clients to go for the most affordable ones.

Quick Support

The personalized assistance from the professional Odoo team helps customers get their issues fixed quickly. Moreover, the 24x7 support from our team makes the development project successful.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire an Odoo developer?

Odoo developers are certified experts who have extensive Odoo knowledge and have years of experience. They can develop and customize the software to match your exact business needs.

Can I have the resources on-site as well?

Yes, you can hire the onsite resources but the cost will vary.For more information, contact us via email: info@odooexpress.com

What communication channels do you use to interact with the developer?

We provide project management tools, from which you can keep a tab on all the tasks and communicate with the developers working on your project. Also, you can raise queries and issues if required, our professional developers will respond and will resolve your issues as quickly as possible.

Can I try the developer's services before hiring them?

Yes, you can test our development services but those are chargeable.

What are your payment terms?

It completely depends on the development project type.