What Is Odoo ERP?

Odoo ERP

If we sum up Odoo in a single sentence, it is the most advanced and fastest-growing open-source ERP platform worldwide. Odoo ERP is one of the easiest-to-use, highly flexible, scalable, and modular ERP solutions that are helping all sizes of companies across the globe. Odoo platform is written in one of the most advanced and open source programming languages, i.e., Python.

This programming language is developed under an OSI-approved open source license which makes it free to use and distributable for commercial usage as well.

Furthermore, Odoo follows a modular approach which means it encompasses plenty of business management modules and applications including Manufacturing, Inventory, Purchase, Sales, CRM, POS, Accounting, Project, Timesheets, Employees, eCommerce, Field Service, and so on. These are only a few examples of Odoo modules, it has thousands of modules that are used by every business industry.

Being said that, Odoo serves numerous business sectors including trading, manufacturing, wholesale, retail, education, hospitality, healthcare, marketing firms, consultancies, and many more.

Odoo Editions and Versions

Odoo ERP is available in two editions, Odoo Community and Odoo Enterprise. Furthermore, it has multiple versions under these editions, for example, Odoo version 15, Odoo version 14, Odoo version 13, and so on, all those versions are available in the community as well as an enterprise edition. Every year Odoo launches its new versions and each year it is advancing itself by introducing intelligent features and improving the speed of the solution.

Simply put, you will always find the latest version with the new modules & applications and more advanced features. This approach of Odoo ensures the consistent growth.

Two Odoo Editions:

1. Odoo Community

Odoo Community is a completely open source edition and one can start using it for free. In other words, if you are just a startup or a small-sized company, you can use the Odoo community solution on your server without spending your money on the license fee.

  • Entirely Open-Source
  • No Licensing Cost
  • Fully Customizable
  • Most suitable for SMEs
  • Restricted hosting options (Self Hosted)

2. Odoo Enterprise

Odoo Enterprise is the licensed edition, which means businesses need to pay the license fee to use this edition. Being a paid edition, it has more modules and features than the community version and also offers a mobile application to its users.

  • Licensed Edition
  • Strong Functional Support
  • Get Regular Upgrades
  • Most favorable for Medium & Large Enterprises
  • Numerous Hosting Choices (Odoo Online, Self Hosted, and Odoo.sh)

Why Choose OdooExpress Over Odoo Community?

As we know that Odoo is one of the best and has achieved the most prominent place in the open source as well as overall ERP marketplace. By offering thousands of robust ERP modules and apps, Odoo has covered almost every business sector and every size of enterprise.

When you choose Odoo Community, you will get the out of the box Odoo modules and you need to work on all your ERP needs by yourself. Furthermore, to get the additional modules and apps you need to go to the multiple Odoo partners or vendors. They can help you with the odule or app development and customization. Also, they can offer you constant Odoo support which will help you with your day to day Odoo development and other support needs.

On the other hand, when you choose OdooExpress, you will get much more than just a few Odoo modules. We have taken Odoo to another level, we are offering the smart and powerful Odoo ERP modules and apps that our development team has built to make business management more seamless.

Reasons to Select OdooExpress

Odoo Cloud Hosting for Community Edition:

You will get your Odoo hosted on the Odoo Online Cloud server, it is highly secure and will also give you the server backup. Now, you do not have to self-host the Odoo on your local server.

5 Hours Free Consultation:

Also, you will get 5 hours of free consultation with us. Our Odoo consultants will comprehend your business requirements and workflows to get your system developed as per your expectations.

Choose OdooExpress Over Odoo Community

Pay Per User, Do not Pay for Module:

As in enterprise, you have to pay per user per module, but with OdooExpress you will get unlimited modules and you only have to pay per user. We offer the most affordable Odoo platform to our clients.

Access to Multiple Apps:

You will have access to the numerous Odoo applications, modules, and add-ons. You will have the option to choose from so many advanced apps that you can pick the ones that your business needs.

Services OdooExpress Offers

OdooExpress is the top Odoo solutions and services provider and offers vast Odoo services to its clients at a very reasonable price. It has the best Odoo service packages that any business can afford, be it small, medium, or large enterprises. Moreover, we have a flexible pricing structure, which means one can get the services on the basis of hours, months, quarters, as well as annual.

Odoo Implementation

Once you select the OdooExpress for your Odoo ERP requirements, you do not have to worry about anything from there. We are fully capable of holding every aspect of Odoo. We will carry out a detailed requirement analysis and document all your requirements to get them developed or customized as per your business needs. Our Implementation methodology includes the steps such as requirement gathering, development, customization, quality testing, live deployment, and support & maintenance.

Odoo Implementation
Odoo Consulting

Odoo Consulting

You will definitely get the best Odoo functional and technical consultation which will further help you make better decisions. Our Odoo consultants not only understand your requirements but also help you comprehend how your requirements can be fulfilled within Odoo. This transparency is what makes us unique and one of the best Odoo consultants across the globe. Simply put, when you start working with us, the consultants will be the first point of contact and do the requirement gathering and detailed analysis.

Odoo Development

This open source ERP is easy to use and with the help of professional and experienced Odoo developers, you can get your Odoo ERP developed in the best possible way. Working with OdooExpress ensures you have a team that is enriched with a broad spectrum of technical and functional knowledge. We not only help in installing and configuring Odoo, but with powerful development methods, our team makes your Odoo a perfect ERP system for your business.

Vendor Bills Management
Odoo Customization

Odoo Customization

Our Odoo customization service ensures that you will get all the features and modules modified as per your business needs. In other words, the right Odoo partner will customize your Odoo and give you the solution that exactly matches your business needs. Once you hire Odoo developers from us, they make sure the client gets what they have asked for. For example, you can get your approval workflow or any workflow customized to get a personalized experience.

Odoo Integration

Seamless integration with third party applications that you use to make your business operations flawless is possible with Odoo. Our Odoo Integration experts can integrate your Odoo with the applications like shipping carriers, payment gateways, eCommerce platforms, social media, SMS gateways, as well as other tools that you want to use. Also, we have developed some Odoo connectors which you can avail from us at very affordable prices.

Odoo Integration
Odoo Support and Maintenance

Odoo Support and Maintenance

OdooExpress offers the best Odoo support packages. You will get consistent support from our team whether you need functional or technical support. Moreover, we have multiple support plans, such as hourly, monthly, and yearly. Our team will assist you with technical issues, bug fixes, functional support, usage restrictions, server support, and maintenance. You can contact us for any support issues via Skype, WhatsApp, Google Meet, and Email.

Meet the Experts

Frequently Asked Questions

Why has Odoo considered the best ERP software for all sizes of companies?

There is no ERP that has all the applications and features that fit into every type of company but the reason why Odoo is considered the best ERP is that it can be customized exactly as per the business needs.

There is no ERP that has all the applications and features that fit into every type of company but the reason why Odoo is considered the best ERP is that it can be customized exactly as per the business needs.

Why Odoo could become the world's number one ERP?

There are multiple reasons to choose Odoo ERP

  • 1. Completely Open Source Platform
  • 2. Easily Customizable
  • 3. Simple to Integrate with Third-Party Apps
  • 4. All rounder ERP Solutions - Thousands of ERP Modules and Applications
  • 5. Extraordinary Scalability
  • 6. Modular Approach
  • 7. Support of Strong and Huge Odoo Community
Why is the cost of hiring Odoo partners higher than the freelancers?

Yes, it is true that the cost of dedicated Odoo experts is higher than the freelancers because they offer quality service and dedicatedly work on your project. Also, ensure that their work will not impact your business adversely. Also, the team of certified Odoo developers, Odoo consultants, and quality analysts will help in implementation, customization, development, data migration, and third-party integration as well as offering consistent Odoo support and maintenance services.

Do you offer the Odoo support packages, if yes then what is the cost of the support plan?

Yes, we offer the best Odoo support packages and we have a Pool developer plan (Hourly) and a Dedicated developer plan (Monthly).

Please check the Odoo support plan using the link below:

Does Odoo have any user restrictions?

No, there is no such user restriction in this ERP solution. However, you have to pay per user if you are using Odoo Enterprise.

What are all the Out Of the Box (OOTB) Modules available in Odoo?

You can get around 40+ modules in Odoo out of the box, including manufacturing, sales, CRM, inventory, purchase, eCommerce, website builder, invoicing, project management, timesheet, point of sale (POS), employee management, and so on.

Can I migrate from OdooExpress to Odoo Community?


Can I migrate from OdooExpress to Odoo Enterprise?

Yes, you can. But only on the partner’s Odoo.sh account.

Can I exit anytime from OdooExpress?

Yes, you can quit anytime fromOdooExpress platform.

What Odoo Implementation Packages do you provide?

We offer multiple plans for Odoo implementation.

  • 1. Hourly Plan
  • 2. Fixed Cost Plan
Do you have Odoo Support hours?

Yes, we offer Odoo support packages on hourly pricing. You can purchase support hours from us at a very reasonable price.