Make Informed Financial Decisions

Odoo accounting software is a comprehensive solution for all-size companies to manage their financial operations seamlessly. It offers a wide range of features to help businesses keep track of their finances, make better decisions, and grow their business. Automate manual processes and deliver efficiency with Odoo accounting solutions. Get one source of financial facts for accurate and statutory reporting with Odoo.

The Odoo accounting module can be used to manage invoices, payments, bills, expenses, bank reconciliation, and more. It also offers reporting features so businesses can get a clear picture of their financial status at any given time. This helps them make better strategic decisions about where to allocate their resources and how to grow their business. This efficient and easy-to-use solution can help businesses streamline their financial operations and improve their bottom line.

Best Odoo Accounting Software | Odoo Express

Better Financial Controls, Close Deals Faster, and Generate Accurate Reports

  • Bank feeds will be synchronized automatically.
  • Painless and customizable invoicing with online payment options.
  • Manage recurring invoices and efficiently track your revenue and cost.
  • Get a comprehensive overview of cash flow and financial performance.
  • Optimize accounts receivable and automate accounts payable.
  • Streamline entire tax management for regulatory compliance.
Best Odoo Accounting Software | Odoo Express
Best Odoo Accounting Software | Odoo Express

Access Everything You Need From Your Dashboard

  • Get all the accounting and finance information at a glance.
  • A quick insight into invoices, vendor bills, banks, and other transactions.
  • Access every accounting operation directly from the dashboard without navigating through various tabs.
  • Options to filter and group by operations for faster access to specific accounting records.
  • Keep your journals at your fingertips for better insight.
  • Accessible anywhere and at any time.

Get Paid Quickly

  • Easy-to-use customer portal for enabling fast payments.
  • Option to automate payment follow-ups to collect late payments.
  • Multi-currency support with an automated exchange rate for easy international transactions.
  • Seamless incoming and outgoing payments due to online payment with credit cards support.
  • In-built payment gateways integration PayPal, Stripe, Adyen,, Payeezy, etc.
Get Paid Quickly
Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable

Odoo's accounting system automates and streamlines every aspect of invoicing from creating invoices, sending invoices, and payment processing to payment collections management. This will ensure an increase in liquidity to fund growth. Also, shorten the credit-to-cash cycle and ensure better financial management. Simply put, the credit note option allows you to process the refunds in case the customer returns goods or services. Also, set up payment terms as per company policies and create payment follow-ups. Integrate with top-notch payment gateways like PayPal, Payeezy, Stripe,, etc.

Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable

Automating your accounts payable processes with Odoo accounting software helps accountants save time and increase efficiency. Easily sidestep late fees and improve cash flow by keeping a tab on all your vendor bills and other expenses. Also, it helps ensure compliance with internal policies so that businesses can avoid payment fraud with automatic review and approval processes. Create more informative bills to make sure what you are paying is right.

Bank Synchronization and Reconciliation

Bank Synchronization and Reconciliation

  • Synchronize with your bank and import all your bank statements automatically into your database.
  • Retrieve bank statements easily using Odoo's bank synchronization functionality.
  • Odoo software can be synchronized with about 24,000 banks globally.
  • Reconcile your invoices with banks using smart reconciliation tools.
  • Make sure you have all Journal Entries balanced and in agreement

Robust Fiscal Localization Tools

Odoo has over 70 localization packages to match your country's requirements and it is pre-configured particularly for your country's financial regulations. Get Charts of accounts, taxes, reports, einvoicing, audit files, and fiscal positions as per your country needs.

One can define the taxes according to the regions and can easily create fiscal years and positions to monitor their financial operations more precisely. Also, get country-specific statements that will help you manage your business internationally. Wherever you are, Odoo accounting software got you covered.

Get Accounting Reports, the Way You Want Them

  • Quick, generic, and engaging accounting reports.
  • Review, export to xls, and get the complete detail of reports.
  • Limitless reporting choices to help you correctly handle your financial and legal statements.
  • Odoo accounting helps you get government compliant tax reports.
  • Quickly get a view of the comparison between certain periods.
  • Option to design, analyze and record your reports in spreadsheets.
  • Advanced filters and group by option help you give you comprehensive accounts & finance reports.
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Frequently Asked Questions?

Does Odoo accounting app have asset management features?

Yes, you can easily manage assets in the Odoo accounting module. This solution helps you create and track assets, and depreciation, as well as effortlessly generate amortization entries.

How does Odoo's budget management feature help businesses?

The budget management is really important to plan the appropriate budget for various critical business activities. Also, it is required to keep a tab on all the expenses related to a planned budget. Odoo has a robust budget management feature that helps in creating, managing, and tracking budgets.

You can have the information on the practical amount and theoretical amount and will analyze if you have spent the budget efficiently or not.

What all reports are functional Odoo accounting solutions?

You can get the accounting reports the way you like. Simply have a wide range of accounting reports such as profit & loss reports, general ledger, partner ledger, balance sheet, cash flow statement, aged payable, aged receivable reports, trial balance, tax report, and invoice analysis, analytic report, and so on.

How does a multi-branch company work in odoo accounting and does Odoo support multi-branch as well?

Odoo supports multi company and provides multi-company access within a single database. Also, each company can have their own chart of accounts and rules. In case of multi branches, one can use multi company features for the same and seamlessly run multiple branches or divisions in one place.

If we don't set a fiscal year in Odoo, what will happen?

In this case, Odoo provides the default fiscal year for the company.