Budget Management

Seamlessly Manage All Your Expenses

It happens more often that an employer/company or employee spends their funds on travel for business meetings, hotel stays due to client meetings, purchasing a chair for office use, going out with a client, etc. Managing these expenses manually could be complicated. Keeping track of each spending, recording expenses, storing receipts, managing the expense approval process, and reimbursement, all can be managed by using a robust expense management solution.

Odoo expense management system lets you handle the expenses of your employees in the best way, whether it is travel expenses, office supplies, accommodation expenses, or any other expenses, everything can be managed from a single place by using an open source expense management solution. This Odoo module enables your employees to attach receipts and allows you to view all receipts and expense requests from your Expenses Dashboard. Managers can approve or reject them with just a single click.

Robust Expense Management Features

Create Expense Products

Effortlessly create expense products, such as travel, accommodation, food, office supplies, and more. Add general information in the product record which are Product type (service), Cost, Units of measure (days, hours, dozen, etc.), internal reference, etc.

Easily Create and Manage Expenses

Your employees can easily create expense records, upload receipts, and submit expense requests using their laptops, mobile phones, desktop, or tablets. They can submit the expense request from anywhere at any time to their respective manager.

Get a Clear Overview of Spending

This open-source expense app enables employees to record their professional expenses and submit the expense to their managers. It allows the business to get a clear overview of the overall spending for a defined period, for travels, etc.

Options to Add Attachments

Adding attachments to the expense record makes expense operations faster and more efficient. One can scan their receipt from their smartphone and upload it directly to the expense record to provide proof of spendings such as bills, tickets, etc.

Get The Precise Expense reports

This expense software has a robust expense report analysis tool. It allows you to see your expenses reports, reports by team refused records reports and more. Also, you can group the reports by employee category, analytic account, status, and more.

Notes for Extra Information

Your employees can write notes in their expense records. It will help them add the important information related to the expense, which will be reviewed by their respective managers. It allows managers to make better decisions regarding the approval process.

Simple Approval Process

The approval of expenses is really important to ensure there are no errors in the expense records. Employees can submit drafts of expenses to their managers and request approval. Also, the manager can refuse the expense record and add its reason as well.

Review Expense Status

You can have a clear insight into the status of all your expenses at once as well as separately. In the kanban and list view, you can see the status of all your expenses as well as view the amount, paid by, employees, and more at a glance.

Compare Expenses and Receipts

You can see the preview of the uploaded receipt next to the expense request. It allows managers to compare the expense details filled by employees and receipts which further helps them proceed with the expense approval process.

Easy Reimbursement Process

After approving the expense request of an employee, the manager posts the journal entry of the spending. Once they post the entry, they can go ahead and begin with the reimbursement process. It helps the business to reimburse their employees quickly.

Integrate Accounting Module

Integration of the accounting module helps managers post journal entries directly to journals. To put it another way, once the expense requests get approved, journal entries for the same will be posted and reconciled instantly.

Option to Re-Invoice Expenses

There is an advance option for re-invoicing your customers in case the business has paid for the customer's expenses. OdooExpress helps you effortlessly invoice your expenses to a customer.

Advantages of Expense Management App

Access the expense app anytime anywhere.

Get an overview of all your expenses at a glance.

Directly scan and upload the receipts using mobile devices.

Data precision and up-to-date expense reports.

Track spending and employee reimbursements.

Close integration with accounting software.

Post journal entries of expenses instantly.

Plan budgets and make cost-effective strategies.

Approve multiple expenses in a single click.

More authentic expense report analysis.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is expense management necessary?

Managing your business expenses is important to keep track of incoming and outgoing cash. Without proper management of expenses, your business might face big issues like budget shortfalls. Having advanced expense management software like Odoo expense software helps you automate the expense management operations, control spending, and reduce costs.

What is the Odoo Expense App?

Odoo expense app is a solution for businesses that enables enterprises to get accurate expense reporting and helps them control spending. It allows users to create expenses and submit approval requests to their respective managers just in a few clicks. Further, managers approve or refuse the request and then post journal entries to proceed with the reimbursement process. Keep a tab on all the expenses and it will further help the businesses to make better decisions.

How to submit expenses in OdooExpress?

Once you are done with the expense record creation and attaching your receipt, you will get the button for Create Report, click on the button. Then, you will get the button for Submit to Manager in the upper left corner of the screen. Click on this button to submit the expense to your manager.

Can I access all my expense records and receipts at any time?

Yes, you can access your expenses at any time. Odoo expense solution is mobile friendly and we also offer an expense mobile app.

How does the reimbursement process work in the Odoo expense app?

Once the journal entry has been posted the manager will go ahead and reimburse the employee.

They click on Register payment and select employee name ( in partner field), add a payment method and payment amount. Now, the manager can validate and the stage will change from post to pay.

Can we have a multi-step approval process?

Yes, you can have a multi-step approval process, it will only need some customizations in the app. We have a team of professional developers who can easily customize your expense app as per your needs.