Odoo UK

Life-changing decision to choose an ERP solution

What is Odoo?

Odoo is one of the trusted ERP solution for business. Odoo applies module based architecture ie. you can plug and play several different features and functionalities without hampering other feature of the system. Odoo having minimum dependencies of module on another module, Odoo implementation is one of the easiest way to upgrade the working functionality of the ERP solutions.

Implementation encompasses the whole process of integrating and deploying OpenERP, including evaluating it, establishing specifications, planning the deployment, the configuration of the software, loading data, installation and training the users. It does not generally extend to software customization, nor support and maintenance.

Odoo implementation is always being a crucial process in any organization. A right implementation of Odoo not only save time, resource, money but also results in a great solution that leads to high customer satisfaction and growth of the organization as well. For OdooExpress the main point that comes into consideration is our customer satisfaction by providing them attractive solution consuming minimum no of resources and time

OdooExpress provides offshore Odoo consulting service for your small, medium and large-sized organization. We are professional Odoo consulting service and our teams will support you to bring out the greatest value to your business by an Odoo ERP system.

Typically, Odoo UK is a cost-effective, flexible and robust framework but there is have a difference between installing ERP and being as an ERP so OdooExpress provide all Odoo services such as planning, implementation, customization, integration, data migration, training and after live maintenance and Odoo support services.

Why us

We have experienced persons with tons of knowledge in Odoo they will understand your requirements and provide the solution based on different aspects.

  • The implemented ERP system provides productivity and justifies the implementation worth.
  • On-time service to enhance your business productivity.

Overall, we work for you in a friendly manner to provide an excellent service to your business needs. Additionally, Our in-depth knowledge programmers and cost-effective tool will bring out more successful ERP system to your business.

We have successfully completed many projects globally. We can help you with Odoo implementation and support in the UK. To know more details about the service reach us at OdooExpress