Manage Healthcare Processes Smoothly

Enhance patient care with Healthcare ERP

Manual handling of the entire hospital management process makes things slower and inefficient. As a result, the frequency of errors and irregularities in the process increases and makes the handling of the whole management complex. Important to realize, now most of the healthcare industries are using various healthcare software system make their management process smooth. In this era of technological advancement, there is so much healthcare software in the market. Important to realize, open-source healthcare software solutions become the first choice for most healthcare and life science companies. The reason for choosing open-source healthcare ERP truly reduces manual tasks and improves the efficiency of the healthcare business. OdooExpress provides you with the best healthcare software solution that facilitates the smooth operation of business functions. Important to realize, healthcare ERP system helps to maintain the whole end-to-end caregiver experience by integrating with other required modules.

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Streamlined Hospital Operations

Track the entire medical activity

Also, OdooExpress provides customized healthcare application that fulfills all the critical needs of the hospital. From the tracking of inpatients and outpatients to managing the appointment of doctors, our healthcare system caters to all the needs of the healthcare sector. Also, financial accounting management, CRM, manufacturing resource planning and other aspects of hospital and life sciences industry operations are handled by healthcare accounting and healthcare ERP software. Furthermore, track each medical activity from registration, patient activity, scheduling, pharmacy management, staff management, lab management, manufacturing management, inventory management to financial accounting. Also, our healthcare software helps doctors to respond as quickly as possible in case of an emergency situation. It assists in the assessment of the quality of service provided by the hospital staff and their performance.

Healthcare and Lifesciences ERP Benefits

Project Management

Medical and Health Records Management

Transfer traditional medical records to a digital medium by using an electronic medical records system. This system captures all the information ...including doctors' notes from previous visits, medical history, prescription, billing issues, and doctors' concerns. Important to realize, with the help of healthcare software doctors can access all the information related to any particular patient anytime through a digital system. Furthermore, eliminate printing and paper costs and reduce time consumption to save the hospital’s money. Similarly, the Electronic Health Record (EHR) system is used to collect patient data, patient’s personal information, medications, medical charts in digital format. It also allows you to store all the data securely which can only be accessed by authorized users.

Accounting management

Easy Appointment Scheduling

The healthcare software enables doctors and other employees of the hospital to schedule appointments easily. Another key point, with the appointment... scheduling app of healthcare software doctors, can see when a patient’s last appointment was as well as when the next appointment will be. Furthermore, appointment scheduling system allows you to fill additional information like any billing issues the patient might have. The latest online appointment scheduling system is currently in a trend that is widely utilized by hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities. It truly maximizes the efficiency of the staff and saves the waiting time of patients. Online appointment scheduling improves the hospital atmosphere by eliminating long ques of patients.

Human Resource Management

Effortless Medical Billing

Create itemized bills for each patient and store this billing information and history with the help of the medical billing system. Also, doctors and ... administrators can easily access the information. Furthermore, this system keeps track of patient insurance information that includes history of patient and insurer co-payments. Make things easier with the integration of the electronic billing system with EHR. Another key point, you can monitor and analyze transactions and medical procedures to prevent fraud as well as unnecessary treatments and procedures. Our healthcare software effortlessly streamlines hospital operations, improves administration, enhances patient care, and maximizes profitability for the stockholders.

Customer Relationship Management

Easily manage Lifesciences vertical segment

Lifesciences industry has numerous vertical segments such as biomedical devices, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, food processing, clinical research, ...environmental science, and many more. With the technological advancement verticals like pharmaceutical, medical devices, clinical research, and biotechnology need automation for faster growth. OdooExpress provides a Lifesciences ERP software system to all the industries related to Lifesciences. It is really a complex task because of various regulatory compliance and government-mandated requirements. Our Lifesciences software system helps to reduce risks associated with regulatory compliance and saves the cost of the company. Furthermore, as we know medical device industry mainly includes manufacturing and it becomes very important to use a manufacturing resource planning based ERP system, with this in mind, we have built software that can seamlessly manage manufacturing processes efficiently. Lifesciences and healthcare ERP system allows management of inventory, warehouse, purchasing, manufacturing, customer relationship, etc.