Apart from this being one of the platform organizations also uses other online platforms such as Magneto websites, buy.com or amazon.com. eBay.com one of the most popular online platforms used across the globe by many Small and Mid Sized businesses for selling.

Integration of Odoo with eBay stores became a successful integration, we have done this for so many clients across the globe, after doing this we have come to the conclusion that integration with Open ERP has so many advantages.

Some of the perks of OpenERP:

Open-source platform and can be modified easily

There is no limit of the number of users (No licensing)

Modular structure

Easy implementation due to the modular approach

Powerful Back up of Community

Easy to customize

Advantages of Integration of Odoo with eBay store:

Integration of eBay Inventory management: OpenERP integration with eBay can help your eBay store to control all your inventories and manage stock directly from OpenERP. Furthermore you can apply Advance stock rules for different stores if required.

Manageable Dashboards: Get multiple views on a single dashboard according to the needs, it has chart view, kanban view, list view, which helps organizations to get a clear view of their eBay store

Business Applications and Modules: Open-source system, OpenERP has so many functional modules that completely handle every function of the organization, such as Sales Management, CRM, Inventory, Purchase, Manufacturing, etc.

Multi-Store: As our OpenERP software supports Multi-currency and Multi-Company, you can easily manage and control multiple eBay stores in different countries within a single system.

This software enables businesses to upload product lists, manage inventory levels, and decide the pricing of the products in your eBay accounts.

eBay Point of Sale and ERP Benefits

With the help of integration of ERP with eBay businesses can select product lists and enter into eBay. Few advantages of eBay integration with ERP: 

  •  You can add a variety of items with multiple attributes such as color, size, weight, etc. into eBay.

  • Handle all the information associated with the products from your eBay accounts directly into your POS/ERP systems. Log in to eBay is not required to update your data.

  • Furthermore, you can enter customer data and orders easily.

  • Automatically day will bee updated and you do not need to re-enter manually.

  • A list of rules & mappings allows you to update all of your data from your POS/ERP systems.

  • you can list products on your online stores like eBay and Amazon automatically.

  • Synchronize all of your inventory and sales data of your physical stores with online stores for eBay. It will allow you to upgrade inventory levels automatically when your products sell out online and in-store.


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