What are the benefits of Odoo ERP in the manufacturing industry?

Odoo ERP for Manufacturers

Odoo ERP for Manufacturers

A manufacturing business that handles a large number of manufacturing items must properly track all manufacturing orders. An competent ERP software undoubtedly assists enterprises in managing production operations with ease. Odoo ERP is ideal for the manufacturing business since it has several features that make manufacturing processes more productive and efficient. With the Odoo manufacturing module, you can quickly organise manufacturing orders, manage BoMs, and follow work orders during the production process..

Odoo Manufacturing

Odoo Manufacturing

Odoo Manufacturing operates in a very straightforward and user-friendly manner. This module enables firms to establish manufacture orders for a specific product and transmit them to the various phases of a production line, allowing them to finish production more effectively than ever before. Additionally, integrating WorkCentre and other routing principles with the Odoo manufacturing system, end-users may customise the production technique to properly meet your company's process. You may simply handle 'Scraps' at any level of the production process and, if necessary, 'Unbuild' a finished object.

Features in Odoo Manufacturing

For successful process management, an organisation may assign different level users to oversee the full manufacturing method. Some of the crucial features are as follows:


With Odoo Manufacturing deployment, manufacturers may access company information with a single click. It enables senior management authorities to handle and monitor all critical company information in real time, transforming it into corporate development.

Schedule and Plan

It improves control over component inventory, more accurate demand planning, streamlined production scheduling, and more effective channel coordination, allowing companies to improve on-time product delivery, a critical performance metric for manufacturers. Manufacturers will have a big volume of inventory coming in and going into production, especially if they are engaging in mass manufacturing. Manufacturers will be able to track all of this inventory, as well as its attributes, quantity, and locations.

Define Flexible Master Data

Routing must be adequately specified before production can begin. Routing is described as the techniques of producing a product utilising the materials specified in the Bill of Material. Multiple phases and work centres (groups of people/locations where production activity takes place) may be involved. Odoo manufacturing includes the following activities:

  • Create multi-level Bills of Materials: Place one Bill of Materials within another in order to produce product components in another Bill of Materials.
  • Optional Routing: Create new work order routines to arrange your production based on the routing utilised.
  • Allow your items to adapt by adding customizable choices when making orders.


Odoo Manufacturing inspects acquired materials for quality before production, in the middle of the manufacturing processes, and as final inspections. In the event of a problem, the quality control systems in manufacturing ERP assist in narrowing the issue, hence enhancing product quality and customer happiness.


A manufacturing ERP may help facilitate maintenance orders for repairs and other solutions. You may organise such orders and allocate them to the maintenance crew. By analysing information such as average time to failure, ERP systems such as Odoo may also automate preventative maintenance (regularly scheduled maintenance on things to make them less likely to fail).

WorkCentre Control Panel Tablets

Organise work centres efficiently by placing a tablet in each one.

  • Record Manufacturing: Register manufacturing, scan items, lots, or serial numbers.
  • Worksheets: Worksheets, which are instructions for an operator, can be immediately shown on the WorkCentre.
  • Miscellaneous Operations: You may create quality warnings, discard items, and run inspections directly from the work centre.
  • Alerts: Use alerts to show changes or report on quality checks to the operator.

Business Intelligence

Odoo Manufacturing receives a complete analysis report on your production line, analyses the performance of your work centres and production, and plans alternative production methods, among other things. These are some of the quality measures recommended by the Odoo BI engine.


Odoo ERP has significant capabilities that help manufacturing organisations streamline production operations and increase productivity. Odoo's manufacturing module makes it simple to organise manufacturing orders, handle Bills of Materials (BoMs), and follow work orders throughout the production process. Comprehensive company information management, improved scheduling and planning, flexible master data definition, quality control inspections, maintenance order facilitation, work centre control panel tablets for efficient operations, and business intelligence for in-depth analysis and planning are among the key features. Manufacturers may use Odoo Manufacturing to optimise their processes, increase product quality, and promote overall business development.

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