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In today’s blog we will be throwing light on the features which an ERP system must have to be the best ERP for an organization. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a business management software that has a suite of integrated applications. It provides a unified solution that allows organizations to manage all the departments at a time, within a single system. Get optimized business processes and a centralized database to manage your business process with the help of ERP software. However, most of the companies have doubts related to the selection of the right ERP which can truly match their business requirements.

Listed below are the best features of best ERP

·         System integration (3rd party application integration)

·         HR

·         Finance and Accounting

·         Supply chain management

·         Mobile Functionality

·         User-friendly


3rd Party Application Integration:

A business owner wants all the features and functionalities that can streamline their business processes and reduce workload, to satisfy some specific and unique needs of your business sometimes integration with some additional third-party applications becomes necessary. Hence, an ERP system should have the capability of integrating with third-party apps without any complications. Odoo is a proven best open-source ERP software for successful integration with third-party applications.


Mobile Friendly:

A mobile-friendly ERP system enables users to access the system from anywhere at any time with any portable device (Smartphones, Tablets, and Laptops). Remote access of the system allows businesses to keep a tab on its employee's performance as well as each product details to transformation.

Finance and Accounting:

Financial and accounting management is considered as the most crucial module of the business software.  You can integrate your finance module with other modules to get accurate and wide information about your business. 

Human Resource Management:

An organization can not run without an employee that’s why employees are considered as important assets so managing resources is a huge task. HR module of an ERP system provides businesses with a centralized HR system that can help organizations to track all the employees, their activities, performance, and so on. It helps in the evaluation of each employee and keeps you updated all the time.

Supply Chain Management:

A robust supply chain management allows organizations to keep all the activities from the start to end well managed. Handle raw material procurement, purchase, manufacturing, inventory, shipping of products, and more, with the help of an ERP software.

User Friendly:

A strong ERP software provides an easy user interface that allows users to access the system easily. Additionally, ERP has all the functions easy to use and clear.

All the features that are listed above available in the Open-source ERP software. Odoo is an open-source ERP solution. No license cost makes Odoo cost-effective and as small business have less funds which means Odoo can be the best ERP for small business

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