Generally, when it comes to finding an Odoo implementation partner, you will find the number of company’s surrounded you and among them, we always want to choose the Best.

But it is really difficult to choose the best among several implementation partners. Now the most important question is whom you should tie-up with? And followed, you would have many questions in your mind, such as.

• The company which you will be considering would be able to deliver on your vision?

• Would they put extra efforts when you need something more than planned before, without charging a lot?

• Whether they would be able to understand your limitations and restrictions which they can translate into the technical requirements?

• Would they stay on the planned route if any complexity arises?

Take a warm breath and Consider Odooexpress…

Odooexpress has expertise in providing various services for Open ERP/ODOO which includes Support, Training, Migration, Offshore, and Implementation for your requirements. We have a vast variety of offers that perfectly match your business needs, and these offers can be availed from our Support Package.

At Odooexpress, we have an Odoo support strategy. Our approach is consists of three steps -- Complete Support, Maintenance, and Progress. All the steps are monitored for quality control. 

We have been customizing, integrating and implementing critical and unique solutions with Odoo for industries like

• eCommerce

• healthcare

• Manufacture

• Trading

• Telecom

• Retail and others.

We make sure to understand your business requirements and customize each module such as Project management, CRM, Procurement, Warehouse, Accounting/Finance, POS, and HR Management.


Let’s see what customers talk about Odooexpress:


Outstanding professional.Very eager to learn the issues and help.


odoo provides an essential platform for our project management. Things are better organized and more visible with it. Thanks to the team

                GLABAGS CHINA

 If you are new to Odoo and looking for some experts for Implementations, Integration, and customization join your hands with Odooexpress. 


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