A Hospital Management System provides you with Healthcare management, Hospital information system, Hospital Management, Medical Management, EMS, Electronic Health records management, healthcare information systems, clinic Management system and many more ….

Odoo medical record solution is one of the important software which helps you to manage your hospitals and clinics including Hospital billing, purchases, inventory, patient, Accounting, Diseases and many more.

OdooExpress’s team after extensive research on Healthcare industry tried covering most of the aspects in our hospital management module further all our modules are linked with one of the leading open source ERP Modules such as Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Human Resource, Accounting and so on creating it as one of the complete ERP software package for Hospital and Clinical Industries.

Since Odoo is a web-based ERP one of the biggest advantages you get of using Odoo module is to have a web-based Hospital Information Management system. With a complete ERP suite of software module to computerize any large-scale hospital and connect with its clinics and its branches. It is fully online web-based software. The information is available anytime, anywhere. Our module is fully customizable or additional features which are not available as of now can be created easily making it User friendly, highly versatile, Quick Installable, Completely Database driven, Centralized Database, Hospital Information Management System ERP software available in the market today 

Odoo Hospital Management System solution is available for Odoo 10, Odoo 11 & Latest Odoo 12. This Hospital ERP module helps you with healthcare management solution, Odoo medical record solution, electronic medical record emr, Hospital information system, Odoo healthcare management. We crafted this module to ensure the needs of small to big hospitals can be taken care of in any case there are some features missing additions can be done on this module via customizations in Odoo Hospital management app.

Odoo Hospital Management module provides you with following features

  • Health center Management

  • Hospital Buildings Management

  • Wards management

  • Bed Management

  • Operation Room

  • Apothecary

  • Domiciliary Units

  • Patient – Out Patient Admissions

  • Patient – In Patient Admissions

  • Vaccines

  • Physicians & Appointments

  • Physicians Management

  • Surgeries

  • Insurances

  • Laboratory

  • Lab Tests

  • Degrees

  • Medicines

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