Today it has become very important  for businesses to adopt the latest of technology and keep pace with the changing customer preferences. While keeping investments to the bare minimum, every business seeks a hassle-free enterprise management solution and here comes to their rescue Odoo or an Open ERP solution.

Odoo is by far the most potent Open Source ERP solution for businesses that promote cost-effective enterprise process management. It is a dynamic array of business applications that includes all sorts of business management modules such as human resource, finance, CRM, warehouse, sales, manufacturing, etc. Odoo encapsulates sales and project management under a single tool lacing them with a range of point of sale (POs), material requirements planning and other e-commerce functions to offer an all-in-one solution that can manage a variety of operations for businesses. 

Odoo ERP development is focused at small and medium sized businesses. With more than 1000 OpenERP modules to cater a variety of businesses, it is readily available on the cloud as well as on site. The quality of most Odoo applications outperforms the top players in each category”. Owing to its ever-growing active community, flexibility of use and easy adaptation to requirements, Odoo/OpenERP has become one of the most used open source solution in the world.

There are more than one reason that Odoo ERP development is preferred over any other open source alternative. Some of the reasons that make Odoo a cut above the rest are listed as under:


If your current ERP system is falling short of any functionality or isn’t really catering to all your business needs, consider switching to Odoo/OpenERP. Odoo offers a plethora of functionalities with more than 1000 different modules to suit various business needs.

Module Based

One of the key highlight of Odoo/Open ERP solution is that it is module based. Starting off with modules, it can be easily used and tested. Further, more modules can be added as per the requirement while maintaining the benefits of an integrated solution all along.

Evolving Technology

Odoo ERP development is done on a continuous basis by a community of highly active developers thus, making it an ever-evolving technology. In other words, Odoo/OpenERP is based on a technology stack that is evolved and up-to-date to adapt to the changing business paradigms.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

The software (full version) can be downloaded free of charge, so one can test it, and use it. Also, with no license fees, the budget can be spent on the implementation and customization, if required. In fact, Odoo / OpenERP offers guaranteed migration services for a fixed fee, which is quite unique in the industry.

Unified Processes

Multiple ERP systems or lack of standardized business processes across a company can create a lot of confusion and data inconsistency. To avoid all such hassles, Odoo/OpenERP can be used to unify various business processes in an easy and effective manner.


Open ERP solutions can be customized to fit a company’s unique business requirements. It is highly flexible and thus, helps companies to constantly innovate and keep pace with changing customer preferences.




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