Don’t just buy an ERP, build the right ERP

06/13/2018 06:23:58 In Our Blog - Odoo Express

Odoo is by far the most potent Open Source ERP solution for businesses that promote cost-effective enterprise process management. It is a dynamic array of business applications that includes all sorts of business management modules such as human resource, finance, CRM, warehouse, sales, manufacturing, etc. Odoo shouldn’t be assessed as just a management platform for, it encapsulates sales and project management under a single tool lacing them with a range of point of sale (POs), material requirements planning and other e-commerce functions to offer an all-in-one solution that can manage a variety of operations for businesses. In fact, Odoo leaps ahead of its competing enterprise management solutions by integrating every possible sales channel with strong inventory management making it the most coveted enterprise management solution in the market today.

Don’t just buy an ERP, build the right ERP, because every business is unique!

We at OdooExpress, a leading provider of latest open source software, help our clients to effectively manage their businesses by offering them an opportunity to avail our Enterprise solutions, Sales management software, and work flow tools. All our services, including Odoo ERP Development Services and Solutions, enable them to handle all their vital departments proficiently.

Why we believe in Odoo?

Next Generation ERP Software

Modern and up-to-date technology with nearly 2 million users ranging from very small companies (1 user) to very large ones (300 000 users) running their business with Odoo.

One Solution for Multiple Business Types

This solutions suite all sizes, types and industries types alike. It has modules for Manufacturing, Trading or Service Industries. It also fits all size of business from Small to Big Business. ODOO offers plenty of modules that suits your business needs.

Easy to Upscale

The Modular Architecture of ODOO lets you start with one module and then after add one after the other modules as requirement escalates. It is an integrated system that operates in real time

Make it all yours

Not only Odoo has prebuilt modules to suite your business, it can also be easily tailored make it all yours by customizing, extending the existing modules and also by creating custom applications specific to your business.

Simple User Interface

Gives impressive graphical user interface to view and analyse information with custom report generation feature based on business.

4000+ Modules Available for Business

Plethora of functionalities & 4000+ Modules makes ODOO truly comprehensive for your business.

Fastest Development Time

Achieve a standardized business process in a quickest pace of time. Odoo apps can be easily customized for your unique needs. It is also very easy to configure & integrate it with any third party software.

Cost effective business solution

Odoo has so many modules that someone can start using it at almost zero cost of development. Also it is very easy to maintain unlike the traditional ERP softwares.

Empowers business

Helps make effective and informed business decision. It has centralized database, supporting all existing apps



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