Enterprise Resource Planning is a backend system for any business. To operate a business efficiently, an ERP system is necessary. A well-integrated and functional ERP system makes the business operations smooth. If you want to stay on the top, implement an ERP software for making your business projections and procedures smart and efficient to fulfil every business need. Odoo(OpenERP) is the best choice for all size of businesses and all kinds of industries, it is a complete set of business applications which matches with every business type and their requirements.

Odoo is a business management software which consists of a wide range of business apps and modules which forms a complete suite of ERP solution. Some of the majorly used modules of Odoo ERP are Sales, CRM, Project management, Warehouse management, Manufacturing, Financial management, and Human Resources. You can choose any module from more than 1000 modules. Odoo / OpenERP is available in the cloud or on-site and is most suited for small to mid-sized companies

Odoo can be tailored to fit the exact needs of every company. You can choose any module from one of the many modules and if there is any module or app you need and not available in the app store, we can develop a whole new app for you.

OdooExpress is an Odoo service provider for every sized organization whether its small mid-sized or large-sized companies. With an experience of years in customizing and configuring ERP solutions for a variety of businesses, we assure that our Odoo services will enable you to boost your sales, improve productivity and manage day-to-day activities conveniently. Our goal is not just to run a profitable business, but to make a difference in your business organization. Having an impact on the success of your enterprise is what drives and motivates us. 

We provide complete ERP implementation and we suggest CLOUD deployment as it is exceptionally low and requires no maintenance on your side.

Our Odoo Consultants has a better understanding of system so they follow right technique for development and customization to meet the expectations of the client. 


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