ERP software help businesses manage and connect information from all core areas of the organization with the aim of improving effective decision making. A strong and advance business software enhances the visibility across the organization. It also allows decision-makers to make better decisions that will surely improve business operations like human resources, inventory management, accounting, supply chain, product lifecycle, order management, customer relationship management (CRM), and more. ERP software should serve as the focal point for managing all important aspects of a business

OdooExpress offers one of the popular open-source ERP systems to the clients i.e Odoo an open-source ERP solution. Odoo is a suite of enterprise management applications. Odoo has been implemented by more than 2 million companies worldwide. All sizes of businesses can use this software within their budget, it is very budget-friendly software. Instead of being highly customizable this can be implemented by even SMEs, it fits into every type of business. One of the most important reasons that make Odoo ERP cost-effective solutions, its license is free.

Odoo consists of numerous modules like manufacturing, purchasing,  billing, accounting, finance, accounting, CRM, POS, eCommerce, warehouse management, project management, and many other modules. 

With Odoo ERP implementation every business has infinite possibilities to grow. Our Odoo support aims to guarantee that after ERP implementation, business automation does not stop. If your business needs or employees want to make changes in a business process, or add a new field, we can solve all these issues.

Odoo Express is the team of Odoo programmers whose goal is to improve everyone's life through Open Source products.


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