Ever thought of odoo Implementation for your business

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Ever thought of odoo Implementation for your business. You have landed on a right page.

Today in our blog we will give reasons why business should go for Odoo as ERP, So the very first question arises

Why Odoo?

“ Mountable Software Solutions for Varied Industries ”

Odoo/Open ERP has a complete suite of business applications covering all the business needs from SME to Enterprise. Odoo is an open source application with the highly customization capabilities from ERP to CRM, E-commerce, CMS, POS, Accounting and even more. ODOO is the evolved form of open source ERP suite with integrated and customized features which is next generation ERP solution with money valued feature to utilize various modules of business needs. Odoo offers truly comprehensive system designed to organise and support your entire master database.

Specialized features

“ Revenue Grabbing Features of ODOO ”

1. Smoothly Run Your Business

The flawless business management drive towards the path of the revenue enhancement. ODOO keeps updated database intact and aids in retaining the smooth transactions all the way.

·         Accounting 

·         Billing

·         Project Management

·         Inventory Management

·         Purchase 

·         Manufacturing

.           Human Resource    

2. Boost Your Marketing

Marketing represents the business liveliness among the global audience. This advanced openERP suite catalyses business promoting strategies with the exclusive features.

  • Event
  • Live Chat
  • Survey
  • Lead Automation

3. Improve Your Business Productivity

When product meets the demand, productivity increases and the output retains the quality in pipeline. Man-force productivity rate is maintained and managed by the tool in openERP.

  • BI
  • API
  • Instant Messaging
  • Notes

4. Helps Increase Your Sales

ODOO is ingrained with exclusive sales management features. There are numerous options like invoicing, POS, CRM, Subscriptions and so forth to gear up the sale.

  • CRM
  • Quote Builder
  • POS
  • Partnership Management

Now when you have decided to go for Odoo. It is advised to go for odoo professional for Odoo Implementation service as it involves different stages and process. Odooexpress Odoo Professional holds the strong competence of understanding the business needs and customizes every modules range from Project Management, ERP to CRM, Procurement, Warehouse, Accounting/Finance, POS, E-commerce, HR Management and creates uniqueness for your business.



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