For all size of business, implementing an ERP solution is a critical project that has to be taken seriously. To ensure successful execution of ERP implementation, not only commitment is required from the project team but, more importantly, business leaders must have clear vision and be supportive of such an initiative, besides focusing just on the cost and demonstrating ROI.

With proper planning and execution, implementing an ERP solution should be a smooth process which would quickly increase efficiency across your business. At Odooexpress we offer an open-source ERP solution namely odoo. With the countless benefits Odoo offers flexibility to choose one or more modules depending upon business requirements which makes it a low-cost ERP solution.

Odooexpress offer all the help and support to fulfill our promise of smooth Odoo ERP implementation.

Requirement Gathering

This is where we learn the existing process flow at your company along with your desired workflow that you would want to have in your customized ERP and also our consultants map the business workflow and processes with the existing functionality of Odoo.

System Design:

This is where we would design the flow of the system that we would need to put in place to bring to you the final product.


When the requirements of users cannot be fulfilled only by configuration, we suggest customization which can fulfill the need of our client's organization. At this phase we make changes in the system, several fields, workflows, and business processes and make the system as per our customer's requirements.


At this stage, we endure that there is no error in our implementation project and the client will get a bug-free final product.


Here, at this phase IT-Admin is responsible to deploy the customized code onto your servers that you have purchased.

Odoo Training:

Yet another important phase. We do realize that your employees are the ones to use the product on their day-to-day working. We will be there to provide you with the best training on using the system. This would be the phase where we would be guiding you through the entire solution.



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