An ERP system helps to integrates all the departments of organization like finance, human resources and warehouse management into a single, integrated software program that runs off a single database so that the various departments can more easily share information and collaborate. An Open source ERP Odoo can be the best option to have for your organization.

Odoo is a unique ERP system as it is open-source the source code is accessible and may be improved upon by, the online developer community. Odoo is highly customizable, as it can be tailored to fit the exact needs of every company. In addition to modifiable database configurations, it also uses a modular system, where it starts with the most basic features and allows companies to add features through modules. These can be chosen from one of the many modules already available.

Being a web-based application, Odoo offers multi-user management with a complete suite of business apps. Along with offering apps for seamless business functions, Odoo has a CMS option that allows businesses in creating customer-facing websites. Besides that, it offers-

   1. Easy and convenient inventory management

   2. Better HR management capabilities

   3. Various in-built marketing capabilities

   4. Native eCommerce capabilities

   5. Seamless community management

As we all know that ERP is one of the most important software for any business and implementing it smoothly is another important task. It is a crucial decision for an organization so Hire Odoo experts. As they are expert of Odoo, they can help your organization in every way possible for successful Odoo ERP implementation.

OdooExpress offers their clients a complete end to end solutions towards Odoo development, Odoo customization till final support. We offer a low cost pricing so that company can provide as much as task needed based on the requirements; Including complex requirements.

OdooExpress bring your business process review and analysis of a conceptual architecture, drafting, designing strategies for defining, reporting, making all of them by mapping it to work. Our experts deals with the selection and implementation of best possible Odoo modules for your system and business re-engineering for your organization. This includes Odoo(OpenERP) development, Odoo(OpenERP) implementation, Odoo(OpenERP) Support and Odoo(OpenERP) consulting services that provide essential advantages over proprietary software which includes scalability, customizability, ease of use and low total cost of ownership. We have professionals to be a complete turnkey ERP solution right from choice of server hardware to maintenance and improvements.

Join hand with us and you will get our skillful expertise, in-depth knowledge and extensive experience along with the benefits of their knowledge. As we own a pool of Odoo developers who understand core technologies that make up Odoo platform. Our developers have proficiency in Python, JavaScript, and XML and can leverage their knowledge easily.


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