ERP integrates all the departments of your business into a consolidated dashboard, increasing the efficiency of your organization. With a single point of connection, the sharing of information and data is exponentially easier and more reliable. In addition, since data input is handled fewer times, the risk of mistakes is greatly reduced. This gives the decision makers of your business peace of mind knowing that the information they are using to make daily, and sometimes hourly, critical decisions is dependable. A good ERP tool establishes, integrates and regulates the business processes necessary to efficiently plan and control an organization.

Most organizations have unique processes depending on their size and workflow as it is unrealistic to expect that every organization works in an analogous manner. Hence, customized ERP software is the only way to tailor a solution to the exact needs of the business.

Odoo customization has plenty of benefits. It can automate and streamline the business process of companies. When Odoo ERP is customized according to the requirements of the company, it reduces the probability of frustration and minimizes the amount of re-training efforts.

Customization Process

GAP Analysis

One of the serious concerns for any organization is whether the business is repaying expected results or not. We, at O2b technologies, perform GAP analysis and pinpoint the loopholes and suggest fine ways to overcome them.

Prioritize Business Needs

When you prioritize, you focus; when you focus, you grow. Therefore, we seek your growth and expansion by prioritizing your business requisites.

Process Mapping

A clear and efficient business map is must for every entity. Our practiced professional team conducts your Business Process Mapping to show a transparent picture of activities and policies adopted within organization and guide you for any changes required, if any.

Custom Development

You need not worry any more for custom development services because at OdooExpress, we offer you objective-oriented, unique and relevant Odoo ERP Customization to lead the industry and increase your market share.


Our testing service includes testing of software, modules and source codes adopted by you.



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