Odoo is a business suite of enterprise management applications. Used by many companies across the world of all sizes due it's opensource architecture and highly customizable modules that fits into every category of business. Odoo implementation is absolutely Free and there are no license costs compared to other proprietary ERP softwares. Odoo modules include billing, accounting, manufacturing, purchasing, warehouse management, project management, finance, CRM, POS, ecommerce CMS and over 100 others that support various business processes across the enterprise.

Odoo modules customization is required as every business enterprise has it unique business requirements and challenges. It enables integration of various departments, automation of processes and data management on a single platform.

With odoo implementation possibilities are infinite for every type of enterprise and if you are fed up of your enterprise management software that is burning your cash due to heavy license fee, lousy support and complex features then an opensource ODOO ERP can solve all your problems.

Odoo ERP Implementation give your organization an effective and efficient way of working, where everything is managed in a real-time environment and hence improves the overall work functionality. Odoo ERP for manufacturing industry helps in achieving business excellence via improvising operational and internal process activities. Odoo ERP can make a lot of differences not only to your business but also lead to customer satisfaction. It improves the communication process across different functions and with your customers' as well.

ERP plays an integral role by providing support and solving problems faced in daily operational transactions. With years of experience Odooexpress can help your organization to overcome the challenges. Let’s understand how it helps:

1. With our ERP solution, you don’t need to worry about your data.

2. It helps you to provide the updated status of the inventory i.e. warehouse availability, what is being ordered, and which are in transition state etc. This helps to maintain the proper stock for the production and reconcile for future requirements if any. This also helps to avoid wastage of raw material by maintaining proper stock report. 

3. It helps you to optimize the time in scheduling activities and hence utilize the resources in much better way.

4. An integrated ERP system helps you to cater all these concerns without much stress as this provide a real-time information about all processes with accurate data.

5. Our ERP allows you to cater this requirement as it is a single source of a repository, so addition and extraction of data is possible from one source only. No multiple repositories are required.

ODOO ERP for Diverse Industries

Odoo is an ideal erp for manufacturing enterprises as it enables automation of regular business processes. It also enables regular manufacturing enterprises to sell products online through it's ecommerce interface and accept payments in their local currency which makes odoo an ideal erp for ecommerce businesses as well.

Odoo is an ideal ERP for ecommerce businesses also. Over 2 million ecommerce websites are powered by Magento shopping cart. odoo Magento is a deadly combination for Magento powered websites. Odoo Magento shopping cart integration for handling and processing of large number of orders, real-time data synchronization, shipment automation and reporting capabilities gives you an edge over your competition.


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