HRMS -  Human Resource Management System. All the organizations have similar human resource functions, like recruitment, onboarding, payroll process, attendance, leave management, and more. It may seem easy but human resource management is a complex process. An organization cannot grow without a perfect Human Resource Management of resources.

Odoo has no licensing cost. Manage all employee-related activities using the Human Resource Management module.

1. You can easily manage your employees : –

You can easily check all the details from each department at a glance. There is a pop-up notification for new leave requests, requests for allocation, appraisal application etc.

2. Time tracking & attendance : -

You can keep a tab on the employee details related to their performance such as the number of hours worked, type of project, how many activities he/she has completed, etc.  You can analyze timesheets and check each employee's attendance. Accounting integration allows you to post reports automatically on the basis of time spent on projects providing as well as it provides you with real-time data.

3. Leave Management : -

In this module employees can request leave. Then managers are responsible for approval or refusal of the leave requests. In case of the approval, the approval notification will be sent to the employee and their calendar will be updated.

4. Expense management : -

Employees can submit the details of all the expenses. Managers can check the details of the expenses and they can approve or refuse the expense.  As soon as expenses get approved, they are updated in the Odoo Accounting.

5. Recruitment : -

You can automate the entire process from job posting to the selection. Keep track of all the activities, from every stage of the interview and record the details of the candidates in the system. 


Features of Human Resource Management:

1 . Manage : –

A )Create employee profile

B ) contact management.

C ) Timesheet Management .

D ) Attendance tracking .

E ) Leave management .

D ) Dashboards .  

2. Collaborate : –

  A ) Social network of enterprise

  B ) Gamification.

3 . Integrations : –

A ) Recruitment .

B ) Expenses.

C ) Appraisals.

1. Manage

A ) Create employee profiles –

Gather all information about each employee at one place.

B ) Manage contracts –

Keep track of your employees’ status , job titles, contract type and dates, and their schedule .

C ) Manage timesheets –

Create weekly and monthly timesheets and follow the time spent by your employees on projects .

D ) Handle attendance –

Keep track of your employees’ attendance .

E ) Manage leaves -

Manage holidays, legal leaves and sick days .  

2. Collaborate

A ) Enterprise social network

B ) Gamification

3. Integrations

A ) Recruitment -

  • Handle the hiring process from start to end. Easily organize jo applications and vacancies.

B ) Expense management -

  • Easily manage employee expenses

C ) Appraisals -

  • Set up periodical employee evaluation :Strengthen your company's key asset : employees


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