ERP plays an integral role by providing support and solving problems faced in daily operational transactions.

Odoo is a complete business suit, known for the advantages it offers for the business. This system is based on a centralized approach which allows you to monitor all the aspect of an organization or industry, which can be transformed with the help of Odoo ERP. It is true that the Odoo is an ERP of the future, which can transform businesses and let them move in the right direction. 

Odoo is an ideal ERP as it enables automation of regular business processes. Again, this software allows manufacturers to sell their products directly to their end customers through an online platform. Its eCommerce interface makes it possible to sell goods to their customers and allows them to receive payments in their local currency, all these reasons that make Odoo an ideal ERP for eCommerce businesses.

More than 2 million eCommerce websites are powered by the shopping cart named Magento. Odoo Magento is a deadly combination for Magento powered websites. Integration of Odoo Magento shopping cart helps in handling and processing the large number of orders, data synchronization in real-time, shipment automation, and more, it surely gives businesses an edge over their competition.

With Odoo ERP implementation every type of industry is capable of managing its business functions efficiently.  Get rid of expensive enterprise management software that cost you a lot and charges heavy license fee. Odoo/OpenERP comes at very affordable pricing and solves all the business problems easily.

Odoo Express can help your organization to get the right implementation of Odoo ERP. Our aim is to improve business functions and processes through Open Source products.  We offer all Odoo related services from Odoo ERP implementation to Odoo support. Our products are suitable for small to mid-sized companies.

Contact us for any queries related to Odoo implementation, development, customization, and support. Visit our website and fill the inquiry form. We will be happy to help you.


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