Odoo is a business software solution that connects all your business units into a single dashboard. This ERP software streamlines the entire business workflow within a single system. The automation enables you to make the whole process hassle-free by tracking each activity of every module. Furthermore, automation reduces human errors and dependency issues as well as eliminates risks.

Important to mention, as Odoo is an open-source system, it can be modified and changed to fit in any size of organization and any type of industry. This business management software helps enterprises to manage their Sales, CRM, Manufacturing, Human Resource, Purchase, Inventory and other functions.

In comparison to other open-source ERP software models, Odoo is one of the fastest-growing software.

Like any other platforms, Odoo web development has its own unique advantages and flaws.

Let’s discuss more about Odoo:

Advantages of Odoo

A Comprehensive and Integrated software:

Unlike other similar platforms, Odoo not only covers one of two aspects of the business, but it covers almost every element, from project management, manufacturing management, inventory handling, purchase order management, e-commerce, CRM, billing, accounting and more. This tool seamlessly integrates all these operations to improve the overall efficiency.

 User-Friendly Interface:

 Odoo is extremely user-friendly. It is really an easy to use platform, all size of businesses can use this software. It is a complete set of business application that has rich features and functionalities. The less cluttered interface makes it easy for even the beginners to easily work with the software.

 Modular Approach:

Odoo is developed on a modular structure, for every business function has a separate module in the system. The availability of 1000 plus modules is the key speciality of Odoo ERP development. You can implement only those modules that are required to manage your business, there is no compulsion of implementing the whole software.


Highly flexible nature of this system makes it unique from other systems. With this system, users can start off with the few basic modules and as requirements exceed they can ass new modules nad functionalities in the same modules.  

 Easy integration:

Odoo is popular for its easily configurable characteristics. To avoid data inconsistency and other issues, Odoo allows businesses to integrate with other systems as well as third-party software to enhance efficiency. 


When it comes to the budget or costing of Odoo ERP, it's pricing is low as compared to the other systems. It is an affordable business management solution. Another major cost factor is, Odoo's license can be accessed for free.  


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