Odoo is a business software solution that connects all your business units into a single dashboard. This core software acts as a single streamline for all your processes into a single entity by binding your resources together. The automation helps to track all your business modules and can avoid human errors and dependency issues and can reduce the risks.

Odoo is an open source application that can be molded to fit any scale of businesses to improve the CRM, service management, production units, marketing and sales, internal activities etc

In comparison to other open source ERP software models, Odoo is one of the fastest growing software. Its database runs on postgreSQL and the language used in development is Python.

Like any other platforms, Odoo web development has its own unique advantages and flaws.

Let’s take a peek

Advantages of Odoo

Comprehensive software:

Unlike many similar platforms, Odoo handles a range of business needs that covers project management, e-Commerce, warehouse, CRM, billing, manufacturing, accounting and inventory. This tool seamlessly integrates all these operations to improve the overall efficiency.

 User Interface:

Odoo is minimalistic in terms of appearance but the platform is extremely user-friendly. Any sized enterprise can benefit from this complete solution that is rich with several features and functionalities. The less cluttered interface makes it easy for even the beginners to easily work with the software.


The travel through the pages looks really simple as the navigation designs are better with easy directions. So once logged in, user finds it really convenient to reach the place they want in really quicker time. The search functions across the screen have really added to the overall usage convenience. Using the particular field criteria in the advanced search category, users can filter their searches.


It is built on a modular structure which means that particular processes or functions can be handled by separate modules. The availability of 1000 plus modules is the key specialty of Odoo ERP development . Users can conveniently implement the desired module to cope up with the particular business requirements.


The user can start off with basic modules and they can add on new modules in future when the business expands. Its easy integration and customization options are an added benefit.

 Easy integration:

Odoo is known for its easy to configure nature. Many of the ERP systems face issues with data consistency and business processes. Unlike these counter parts, Odoo shows a remarkable improvement in the efficiency while integrating with other platforms. Users need not compromise the initial advantages offered by Odoo despite what all applications are included on the go. Its easy integration with e Bay, Magento and Channel Advisor has made the overall processing easy and effective.

 Budget friendly:

When compared to similar ERP platforms, this open source solution can be really handy when you have budget constraints. The license can be accessed for free and you can use the money wisely for customization and implementation at needy times.

 User experience:

The seamless adoption of the software has assured impressive user experience. Its options for integration and flexibility have guaranteed a smart ecommerce solution for many complex business projects. Also the source code availability lets you do the necessary with the help of a talented group of developers and vendors.

 Up-to-date technology:

With a marketing approach, the software is always up to date in correlation with the advancements in the technology. It is designed on a technology stack which they keep on improving with the latest paradigms.




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