Odoo ERP is the growing suite of enterprise management applications in the world. Used by over 2 millions companies across the world of all sizes due it's opensource architecture and highly customizable modules that fits into every category of business. Odoo implementation is absolutely Free and there are no license costs compared to other proprietary ERP softwares

Odoo modules include billing, accounting, manufacturing, purchasing, warehouse management, project management, finance, accounting, CRM, POS, ecommerce CMS and over 100 others that support various business processes across the enterprise.

Odoo modules are extremely flexible and can be customized as per the requirements of the company. From purchasing to sales and from manufacturing to finance odoo can be customized to support every department of the organization.

Odoo modules customization is required most of the times as every business enterprise has it unique business requirements and challenges. Odoo modules customization enables integration of various departments, automation of processes and data management on a single platform

With odoo implementation possibilities are infinite for every type of enterprise and if you are fed up of your enterprise management software that is burning your cash due to heavy license fee, lousy support and complex features then an opensource ODOO ERP can solve all your problems.

A successful Odoo ERP implementation can reap vast rewards in organisational strengths and efficiencies.  We have learnt from experience that the following factors are vital for success.

  • The interaction of technology and the organisation
  • User involvement and participation
  • Commitment - an essential ingredient for success
  • Planning - more able to be controlled by project managers than other success factors, and involving many critical components
  • Risks - exist with every project but must be anticipated and managed in order to achieve success.
  • Training - on the job user training will be delivered during the implementation process to suit the particular needs of your business and staff

Additionally, Odooexpress offers an innovative, fully inclusive marketing and delivery model :

If required, we will deliver a server fully set up to run Odoo and the associated programs you require for a trial period, including enough training to get you started.  When you are ready to proceed, we will enter into a permanent monthly arrangement that includes telephone, on-line support and server monitoring and automated off-site backups.  In other words, a cost effective turn-key solution.



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