Our team configured, customized and crafted the modules to ensure that insurance companies can use this system to ensure powerful business processes with their Insurance agents This proposed solution for insurance management has been developed the latest version of Odoo 9 to ensure other ERP features can be used as per the requirements. Apart from handling customers, policies, policies time, date of expiry, company details you can also use multiple odoo modules such as Human resource, Accounting, services management, CRM and so on.. Below is the list of features we tried to capture from our Insurance management module of Odoo - There are other features also which we are developing and improvising for our other clients that will be updated soon. Further this module is very flexible to customized or integrate as per your business requirements.

Beneficial for Insurance Companies who would like to manage their agents in different location or good for insurance agents who are tie up with various Insurance companies.

Module Functionality :      

  • Insurance Management module Overview from Menu View

  • Insurance Branch  Details

  • Policy Schemes  Details

  • Agent Details

  • Customer Details

  • Policy Register Details

  • Print Report

  • Invoice Details

  • Send Email

  • Auto Generate Invoice and send email with invoice attachments.

  • Logs

  • More Reports

  • Dashboards

  • Send Payment Due Email


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