Today we will discuss how Odoo Human Resource Management (HRM) can help your organization to manage your resource properly. With HRM you can manage all your staff working effectively and efficiently such as contracts, time management, skills management and other related activity. Odoo HR module is a combination of systems and processes that connect human resource management and information technology through HR software. It may help to revolutionize a workplace.

Get freedom from the tedious, time-consuming, and repetitive tasks and manage your HR department and its activities by automating the whole process, from end-to-end. Noe, you and your employees can be more focused on core activities like maintaining work culture, employee retention, etc.

Basically, the HR department has so many responsibilities and this department performs numerous functions such as keeping records of employees and tracking their histories, assessment and improvement of their skills and abilities, managing salaries, attendance, leaves, appraisals, etc. Replacing certain processes with various levels of our systems can distribute information management responsibilities so that the bulk of information gathering is not delegated strictly to HR.

Each module performs a separate function within the HR module that helps with information gathering or tracking.  Odoo HRM can help organizations with:

§  Payroll Management

§  Recruitment and onboarding

§  Storing employee information at a single place

§  Attendance Management

§  Performance evaluation

§  Benefits administration

§  Learning management

§  Employee self-service

§  Employee scheduling

§  Analytics and informed decision making


Selecting and implementing the right HR system for your company can make a huge difference to future growth and success. We agree that business can handle HR processes manually, but with the implementation of the right HR solution, you are able to enhance productivity levels of your employees.

OdooExpress provides you with a robust and feature-rich HRM module, with an array of functionalities to address your HR needs. You can effectively manage human resources by aligning your manpower and skills with your organization’s goals and missions. Our HRM simplifies various HR management functions by automating repetitive tasks.



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