Odoo is highly customizable, as it can be tailored to fit the exact needs of every company. Odoo consists of so many unique features, it's database configurations can be modified as well as it is based on a modular architecture. Anyone can choose one of the modules from thousands of them, and continue to with only one module but when a business expands you can more modules and features.

Odoo is offering many modules like purchase and inventory management. Odoo Inventory Management is at once very simple, flexible and complete. Odoo inventory module has a robust feature of double-entry which has revolutionized accounting. In Odoo, we don’t talk about disappearance, consumption or loss of products; instead, we work with the stock moving from one place to another. 

The Odoo Inventory allows you to: 

• Manage your basic stock operations 

• Get Full Traceability 

• Value your Inventory Using FIFO, LIFO & FEFO Methods

• Handle Different units of logistics from packing to shipping.

• Manage Multiple Warehouses and Stock Locations at a time

• Automation of the stock management process.

• Get a complete overview of Stock Levels

Get the most efficient and strong stocking method which will truly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of all your internal operations. Odoo's double-entry inventory removes all the hurdles of recording each stock input, output or transformation. Instead, all operations are stock moves between locations.

To avail the above-mentioned features of the inventory management module of Odoo get in touch with us. At OdooExpress, we customize it further to suit the requirements of your business. For Odoo ERP implementation and Odoo customization, visit us at http://www.odooexpress.com/



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