Thinking to migrate from sage to Odoo. Really, it is a good option to manage all aspects of your business. To migrate from Sage to Odoo, there is a procedure where you have to export all data and information from SAGE into a CSV file. Further, you can add column headers or even you can change column headers, it will help the Odoo ERP automatically put the data in the column. Now, you need to put each data type in separate CSVs.

For instance, you are not allowed to import customer and sales orders at the same time. you need to upload the partners, then map the ID created in OpenERP/Odoo to the partner field in openERP to the sales order CSV you are uploading.

This migration process seems to be a simple activity, but it is not an instantaneous process, it needs a good understanding and exact knowledge of what the columns in Odoo/OpenERP do. You cannot assume the name of column and consider a column name means what you think it means or you can export Sage data to all the columns into OpenERP seamlessly. To make the specifications, if you are installing an accounting module, you must import partners having proper AR and AP accounts. Or you will advised to add all the key information manually later.

Another option, you can use CSV files, further, you have to read them by script. Then you can do additional checking/modifying. Now, you don't have to edit your CSV-file for the orders, just use the ID of SAGE and find the user (have to add a field, like sage_id, to res.partner though).

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