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09/20/2017 06:33:44 In Our Blog - Odoo Express

E-Commerce is more than a new business model. It is a great opportunity to most of the traditional industries to build a Brand from scratch. To promote a brand was such a difficult and costly job that very few manufacturers or traders has ever thought about it. However, the growing cost, huge operation cost and intensive competition have put many traditional industries in danger. After years, E-Commerce has been proved to be an extremely efficient business model, it simplifies the operation and centralize the resources. Traditional Industries in fact own great advantage in starting an E-Commerce. 

The advantages include:

·Mature traditional sales channels for fast exposure

·Adequate experienced staff

·Business Process and Workflow

·Control of Cost if it is a manufacturer

·Certain level of brand awareness


Integrating all the E-Commerce channels with existing business models using Odoo (Formerly OpenERP) provides the most flexible and extensive solution to the companies in the E-Commerce business or to be in the E-Commerce business. Odooexpress also provides professional outsource E-Commerce operation service to offer a One-Stop E-Commerce transformation solution.


1. Odoo (Formerly OpenERP) can integrate these platform seamlessly and Odooexpress can provide one-stop service to build yourcompany.com and Odoo (Formerly OpenERP) integration.


2. OpenERP provides high performance connections with these platforms and centralize all the orders to one Backup so that your sales administrators only need to learn and work on one modern system.


3. Odooexpress Odoo(Open ERP) E-Commerce integration provides a full range of business applications other than E-Commerce functions. It is originated from a comprehensive ERP system which provides strong Sales, Purchase, Warehouse, Manufacturing, Accounting Management functions. And you can enjoy the build-in CRM, HRM, Project Management, Portals and many more other modern business application without being frustrated by the systems from different vendors. Being an OSCG E-Commerce Customer, you will be one of the very few that run E-Commerce with a centralized system overlooking the entire company.


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