Odoo is a combination of open-source ERP applications that are perfect for businesses of all sizes, it is the best system for integrating and improving operational efficiency, sales performance, project and service management, marketing activities, HR functions.

Open-source Odoo solutions are deployed. Odoo enables businesses to unleash their true potential for growth by making operations simple and efficient and eliminating all the challenges. This open-source framework truly streamlines workflows. Open-source framework based software is much cost-effective than others and it can be used by numerous users without any license fee. Due to the modular approach of Odoo, organizations are now able to add or remove non-essential modules as per their project needs.


Acquire our end-to-end app solutions to meet the business objectives accurately.



Empower business ERP by integrating Odoo's special 3rd party apps. There are more than 5,000 modules to choose from.



Developers bring the best out of Odoo framework as per a business's specific needs so that it generates the best ROI.



Leverage clean codes that make maintenance simple. Also, developers are fully capable of deploying advanced preventive maintenance programs that help in fixing bugs and upgrade systems.



We follow a structured approach at the time of deployment of Odoo, it includes first data extraction, second field mapping, third checking integrity, and fourth, the last one data cleansing.


OdooExpress has helped so many clients to manage their business effectively and efficiently by providing them with business management applications such as  Sales management software, Inventory management, Warehouse management software and other workflow tools at affordable pricing.


Get all the business management apps as per your organization's requirements. We offer Odoo ERP software with all of its modules such as sales, CRM, accounting, purchase, inventory, project management, HRM, etc.


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