We offer you with one of the leading Open source ERP software which is implemented by many trading organizations across the globe. OpenERP/Odoo – With rich in modules and apps, we offer you with OpenERP/Odoo Implementation, customization, integration, Training & support. One of the best advantages of using OpenERP/Odoo for your trading business is that it can be customized as per your business requirement.

Trading organization works differently as compare to Manufacturing or Services industry, since they follow the concept of Stocking the goods in the warehouse and selling it to the customers across the regions as the demand/sale arise. Therefore a powerful planning on stocks and inventory is a must, which will decide the profitability, and customer satisfaction. A Trading organization may be maintaining different warehouse or multiple billing locations, which needs to be updated on a real time basis for better decision making.

Many Small and medium sized trading organizations have started realizing that without a proper Business software it is impossible to grow in the competitive business of Trading, therefore companies have started implementing ERP software to manage their complete trading business effectively and efficiently 

OpenERP/Odoo for Trading Business 

OpenERP/Odoo is best suitable solution for small and medium sized trading business the reason is simple As it is Open source, OpenERP/Odoo is cost effective to afford and implement for small traders. OpenERP allows you with strong Warehouse management module with end number of features, Apart from that there are many other modules which a trading business can implement as per their requirement either through simple implementation or via customization.

I wanted to make two simple points:

  1. the value of ERPs comes precisely from customization

  2. customization is affordable (and desirable) when industry best practices are followed

Most of the customers we’re helping with their digitization actually find more value in custom-fitting the software to their needs, and not the other way around. Although buyers think about software first, they quickly find out the whole purpose of the ERP implementation is about increasing productivity in their organization. We identify and we avoid processes that are not mature, to focus on those processes that are mature and time-consuming. The business case is easy to make when we can show that FTE time can be spared in some area, so that it can be focused where it should be: serving students better (possibly more interaction and customer service). In the end, the ERP pays for itself rather quickly. It does so when it supports people in their tasks, and asking them to work differently.


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