If you are a trader when you are committed to serving customers and increase the market share you need to track your market strategies in real-time. From that, you can analyze the performance of the operations like what is happening and what is not and what will do to overcome the future challenges. Odoo ERP has flexible features that enable you to track your trading business in real-time over the geographies. Furthermore, Odoo ERP solution for your trading industry helps to satisfy your needs and realize revenue growth.

Features of Odoo ERP for Trading Industry

  • Inventory management – (goods receipt, warehouse movement, and dispatch)

  • Supplier management – (quantity and quality management, streamlining suppliers on the basis of quotes, and delivery tracking, etc)

  • Purchase order management – (order processing, invoicing, accounts payable)

  • Sales order management – (order processing, invoicing and receivable accounts)

  • Consolidated reporting

Handle Multiple Sales Themes:

If you want to manage your sales operations properly, you should use the robust sales management software that helps you to monitor every activity of the sales process. With Odoo ERP system, you can perform multiple types of sales with detailed workflows. What it will do?

  • Handle bill & hold, stock transfer, regular item, drop-ship and so on

  • Manage various sales discount types according to the pricing rules of the customers

  • Track your sales data from warehouses in various branches

Deliver the Goods on Time:

Keep closer to your customers. Track their requirements and deliver them on time and collect the bills on time. It could help to

  • Analyze the sales and invoicing

  • Track the location of the goods and provide the status

  • Identify delays


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