As we know Business is a complex process and there is only one way to tame the business workflow;  ERP implementation.

Nowadays, most of the companies are considering open source ERP implementations. It has a reason, open-source solutions offers so many advantages as compared to any proprietary based ERP system.

Here, we are going to discuss major and important steps of successful ERP implementation. Right implementation is necessary because if it id not done in a proper way, the failure rates can be high.

Now the question arises how do you manage it? The first step is to work with a competent consultant. The consultant is responsible for initiation of the project, they organize the project. The most important steps, planning, structuring, and then gathering requirements of the business, analyzing the functional and technical gaps, all these can be performed by a specialist, a consultant.

Major steps for proper ERP implementation: 

Proper Documentation: Before starting the implementation process, it is good to document every aspect of the project.  Documents include the information associated with the business workflows, challenges, departmental requirements, and more. The list should be properly assessed and then completed with the support of a consultant and the organization managers. 

Gap analysis and Selection: Get the clear understanding of each option and choose the best-suited option that provides you with the best possible solution. There could be loopholes or drawbacks that your team could not see. Feedback will further improve the process of evaluation and enabling the team to make the final selection.

Implementation: Now comes the real task. Start the implementation process if you have covered the initial phases properly. Always evaluate the work environment carefully, it plays an important role in the success of the implementation project.  Furthermore, get a complete overview of the project budget, time frame, and scope of the ERP implementation.

Integration and Custom Development: The business environment has multiple systems at work. Integration is essential because it keeps al the departments tied up with each other. Now, you can manage al the business functions from a centralized point.

Odoo is an open-source ERP solution for business. Many businesses select Odoo ERP due to its customizable capability. And if you are thinking of implementing Odoo, OdooExpress can assure you with the great Odoo development services.

Ongoing Support: All the systems need to be maintained regularly, and needs support for minor or major problems. With this in mind, Odoo support, and maintenance services offer consistent support to the clients. This will make sure that your ERP meets the industry standards and is ready for the upcoming competition. The key to ongoing support is to remain in contact with the consultant.

Join your hands with Odooexpress as we have implemented high-quality Odoo projects all over the world.


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