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01/18/2017 04:33:54 In Our Blog - Odoo Express

      OpenERP/Odoo Installation it simply mean you have a server ready and we will be installing OpenERP/Odoo default and out of the box installation on the given server. This doesn’t include             user’s creation, roles, hierarchy, Data migration, Training, Support, Hand holding, tutorials and other related task.

      OpenERP/Odoo Implementation  This included everything which we discuss in the above OpenERP/Odoo Installation point therefore Implementation can take little more time since there are         data migrations and complete final testing of the product with every modules which is implemented as vanilla are working properly including the bug testing part and support.

  •         If you are planning to test OpenERP/Odoo on your server – You need OpenERP/Odoo Installation services

  •         If you are planning to use OpenERP/Odoo for your business – You need OpenERP/Odoo Implementation service

        By just installing some of the "Employee's" modules, one can quickly build a very nice Human Resources Management (HRM) system. Install a few of the Sales modules and now you have a CRM. In               fact, one of the reasons for the name change from OpenERP to Odoo is that Odoo is much more than an ERP.

        Odoo is available in three formats including a Community version which is available as free open source, a Professional version which has the exact same features and functions and also includes a                 professional support agreement, and a cloud hosted version available as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering. The cloud version allows a beginner to get up and running on Odoo fairly quickly and at           relatively low upfront cost and allows supported modules to be added, but like most other SaaS offerings, doesn't provide the ability to modify any of the code so customization is limited.

        Odoo includes the following modules that may be installed with a simple mouse click:

        Accounting                                                                   Human Resource Management (HRM)

        Customer Relationship Management (CRM)               Content Management (CMS)

        Warehouse Management                                             Document Management

        Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP)                    Fleet Management

        Purchase Management                                                 Point of Sale (POS)

        Project/Service Management                                        Application Builder

        In addition, Odoo makes it extremely easy to customize and modify the base functionality with little-to-no programming required.


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