The restaurant business has undergone a sea change and is fast adapting itself to the rapid changes of today’s world. Our customized solutions cater to individual needs with comprehensive solutions that include features like billing, inbuilt accounting, delivery process, HR module, vendor management, inventory control, stock and efficient waste management and more.

Our unique Odoo Restaurant Management helps with in-store operations and cost cutting leading to robust revenue growth. With the integrated online order processing feature enhanced by touchscreen compatibility and wireless tableside ordering, a considerable amount of your precious time is saved. Add to this the benefit of real-time alerts, payments, mobile management capabilities and efficient back office management leading to reduced operational costs and improved bottom lines. Our restaurant management software helps you

  • Control the entire operations of your restaurant with a single click of your mouse

  • Assign tables by keeping track of empty tables and avoid customers waiting for too long

  • Process orders based on their priority and directly interact with kitchen

  • Manage menu changes, with options to get instant printouts

  • Mobile/Telephone orders processed through inbuilt Customer Relationship Management

  • Efficiently control a chain of restaurants from one central location

  • Automatic email/SMS alerts for important reminders

  • Improved space management by keeping track of waiting time at each table

It is about highly efficient management, purchasing, analysis of food and beverage cost, order management, table management, sales management, POS, accounting, contract management with various vendors and customer relationship.


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