The modules offered include Product Lifecycle Management, Supply Chain Management, Warehouse Management, Sales Order Management, Customer Relationship Management, and Accounts and                Financial Management.

·          Streamline your individual business strategies and gain a competitive edge

·          Improved market responses resulting in optimized financial results

·          Efficient, scalable and cost effective operations resulting in improved productivity

·          Standardization of the manufacturing process leading to improved quality

·          Seamless integration of all business processes that result in smoother operations

·          Better decisions that help gain complete customer satisfaction and improved revenues

           Apparel Industries is one of the dynamic, challenging and responsive industries which is hugely affected by high operating costs, capacity control, seasonal variations, and often-trending global                              demands.A solution which addresses the needs and aids textile traders in adopting best practices and managing business end-to-end is must to succeed.

           Our OdooERP modules can be executed and expanded with refined CRM, APS and E-business dynamism; thereby an organization can, without much hassle, manage and diversify operations fluently.                With OdooExpress ERP services, find the permanent solution to this industry’s seasonal nature. Plan your procurement at low prices, manage your inventory logs, tighten delivery schedules, trace your                lot anytime, reduce lead time, choose a competitive cost for your product and let your business mature day-by-day.


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