How does Odoo work for your manufacturing Industry?

                  Odoo is an open-source solution that has a customized ERP module for the manufacturing industry. It has so many features and functionalities and also you can add or remove any of them as per your needs.                                                            

  •                 Simplify the procurement by automating the whole process (Make To Order/Make To Stocks, pull & push flows)

  •                   You can easily define master data which includes a Bill of materials, and details of products.

  •                   Start selling your products

  •                   Production scheduling made simple (Just-In-Time (JIT) or periodically)

  •                   Produce items more efficiently and faster than ever before by managing all of your manufacturing orders

  •                   Define product pricing, routing, and priorities and then deliver products more effectively.

  •                   Offer after-sales services such as repairs and maintenance

                  In the current business world, every industry has to stay competitive and they should keep all of their business aspects, functions, and processes up-to-date and keep a tab on every component of the industry.

                    Why Choose Odoo for the manufacturing industry?

                    It is a flexible system for all the operations at any level of the progress.

                  Barcode Support: This will help you keep track of every item incoming and outgoing

                  Control and Manage Materials & Stock Analysis: Keep the track of every item in the rack the stock and manage the stock values.

                  Master data: Manage multi-level of bill materials, advanced logistic rules, and routings.

                  Stock Alerts: Generate stock alerts on real-time when the stock is unavailable to avoid the shortage

                    Odoo manufacturing module consists of business tracking areas such as accounts payable, account receivable, sales, quality management, purchase, shipping, production, supply chain management, customer management, etc.


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