We are living in the competitive environment so, if you are a small business category then you need to struggle a lot to stay strong and develop your enterprise as a big organization. ERP has been providing an important role to execute the organization operation better. It is a software that manages major departments of your organization like sales, purchase, warehouse, inventory, customer service, accounting, etc.

Implementing ERP system for the small businesses is slightly high cost. However, there is so many open source ERP system available in the market to provide better service for small to medium level companies at the affordable cost. Odoo former Open ERP is an open source ERP system which is the best business suite for your small to Medium enterprise.

    How to Run Your Small Business with Open Source ERP Software?

Using an open source, ERP system can provide better financial sense. The most admire things in open source ERP system is you can download it online with the free license.Additionally, you can modify the source code to create the new module for your individual business requirements.

Why Choose Odoo ?

Odoo is an open source ERP system and it is a completely customizable business solution as per your organization needs and it is an elegant system that has N number of modules to handle your business needs in a better way.


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